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By Meredith Church


HARVARD — Taking their positions on Pond Field, the Bromfield Trojans were focused to win against the Lunenburg Blue Knights, after losing to them earlier in the season. Dylan Osgood scored both Bromfield goals, giving the team a 2-0 advantage for most of the game.

As the second half was drawing to a close, Sam Christensen scored the only goal for Lunenburg, bringing the final score to 2-1.

“We did a good job out-possessing them,” said Bromfield head coach Tom Hill. “All in all, I thought it was a good game.”

During the first few minutes of the game, it seemed like Lunenburg would take charge. At eight minutes, Scott Christensen tried for the first goal of the game, which went beyond the post. Sam Christensen and Keegan Shannon played consistently during the Blue Knights’ offensive attacks.

A Bromfield attack persevered as Osgood rushed toward the net only to have his hopes of an early goal crushed by the defense. Ezra Kraus took a shot. Then as he anticipated the save, Lunenburg goalie, John Lahti, lunged for it, as the ball missed the net. At 18 minutes into the game, Osgood scored the first goal for the Trojans.

The Blue Knights retaliated with aggressive play. Alec McNamara tried for a goal, then Sam Keegan tried to score off a corner kick 25 minutes into the game. The Blue Knights kept up with its offensive drive as Georges Tenie showed speed and agility on the field.

Lahti got a chance to face the action as the Trojans peppered him with a string of shots. Eric McAlpine took a side shot on net. Ryan O’Leary got a shot on net, but the ball soared over his desired target. Both Matt Olejarz and McAlpine had unsuccessful scoring attempts off corner kicks. Olejarz tried for an assist as Andrew Cullinan got a header off the corner kick, but the play was broken up by the defense.

“We needed to make the goalie make some more tough saves,” said Hill.

James Reif made the chances of scoring for Bromfield increasingly difficult as he created some outstanding defensive plays, prohibiting shots on any net. As the first half wound down, the Trojans opted for a last minute goal when Osgood blasted a shot on net, but the effort was broken by the Lunenburg defense.

“We have to be careful with the off sides,” said Hill. “We need to be taking quick throws.”

As the second half began there was great camaraderie and cheering on the sidelines. Bromfield got off to a great start as Lucas Hickok and Ross Brown-Cullinane both had scoring opportunities. James Kellog had a shot on net. The ball bounced off the post but before Kellog could gather a shot off the rebound, the ball was recovered by Lahti. With the score at 1-0, the Trojans struggled to tie it up.

Osgood was presented with a scoring opportunity with an indirect kick. The Knights created distraction, with members of the defense lining up shoulder to shoulder to formulate a “human” wall. However, the wall was no match for Osgood, as his powerful punt lifted the ball over the defense and past Lahti for his second goal of the game.

Now that the second half was fully underway, Lunenburg was hoping to tie up the game. Keegan headed the ball in the offensive direction, but the play was broken up by the defense. Refusing to give up, Jared O’Leary and Junior Trainque challenged the Trojan defense with hustle in the offensive zone.

Osgood was determined to score as he tried for another goal in the 63rd minute. Immediately after, Hickok took a shot, but the ball deflected off the post and was recovered by Lunenburg’s Zach McHugh and Keegan Shannon.

Tensions became high as the score remained 2-0, with Lunenburg unable to score a goal. Bromfield was determined to give Kennedy a shutout. McAlpine got a shot on net, but hit the post. McAlpine’s shot was quickly followed by Hickok trying to score. Just as the game was drawing to a rapid close, Sam Christensen scored the final goal of the game leaving the score 2-1.

“We headed the ball very well, the defense played very well, too. The two goals were very nice,” said Hill. “We need to step up and play better, we need to get healthy and be focused. It is important that we win as many games as possible, so we can get a good seed for Districts.”