High unemployment rates, a sixteen trillion dollar and rising debt, and the prospect of perpetual “quantitative easing” in the financial market characterize the domestic Democratic policies for our country. On the foreign policy front we hear our president apologize to violent Middle Eastern extremists regarding a foolish, perhaps nonexistent film. Our marines work with ammunition free guns and a forty-eight hour advance but ignored warning regarding the 9/11 demonstrations in Egypt and Libya occurred.

The former economic policies will result in inflation negatively impacting the middle class and those on a fixed income. The latter idealistic but unrealistic ideas translated into policies put us at grave risk for devastating physical attack. Under the rubric of “respect for religious freedom” we include all forms of Islam understanding that Sharia law is part of a different religion. In contrast with the far-left progressive contrived “war on women” the Middle Eastern extremists have created a real war on women.

Under the present American administration we live under the conditions of a real war on prosperity and freedom. Whether by ignorance or by intent President Obama and his base have instigated a war on Western civilization and our values. Let’s change the scenario by electing Mitt Romney as president, Scott Brown as senator and Jon Golnik as Third District representative to the United States congress. These are winnable elections and the power is in our votes.