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Monday, Sept. 10

A.M. 5:44 A-1 to 27 Jonathan Dr.

P.M.14:42 A-1 ALS Shirley 17:13 Still Alarm – Engine 2, Ladder 1 to 29 High St. for a stove fire 18:02 A-1 to Nashoba Park 19:42 A-1 ALS Shirley

Tuesday, September 11

P.M.12:01 A-1 to 5 Rose Lane 13:55 A-1 ALS Groton 15:16 A-1 to Nashoba Park 16:33 Forestry 1 to area of power lines for a rekindled brush fire

Wednesday, Sept. 12

A.M. 9:33 A-1 ALS Shirley

P.M. 14:34 Forestry 1 to Top of the Hill Farm for a brush fire 16:55 A-1 to 31 Hatch St. 17:40 A-1 to Ayer High School 21:13 A-1 ALS Harvard 21:43 A-2 to 14 Williams St. 23:15 A-1 to 60 Washington St.

Thursday, Sept. 13

P.M. 15:06 A-1 to 75 West Main St. 16:55 A-1 to Ayer High School 19:37 A-1 ALS Groton 23:32 A-1 ALS Groton 23:53 A-1 to 27 Jonathan Dr.

Friday, Sept. 14

P.M. 16:20 A-1 to Nashoba Park 20:08 A-1 to 37 Grove St. 21:14 A-1 to Nashoba Park

Saturday, Sept. 15

A.M. 0:10 Box 9 – Working fire, Liberty Tire on Berkshire Blvd. Engines 2, 4, Ladder 1, Forestry 1 with foam trailer responding. Devens, Shirley, Littleton and Littleton’s HazMat to the fire. Harvard and Groton covering the station.

P.M. 13:06 Engine 2 to 26 Calvin St. for a smoke detector activation 14:02 Engine 2 to 13 Howard St. for alarms sounding 16:27 A-1 ALS Groton 19;14 A-1 ALS Groton 23:22 Service 1 to Littleton Rd. to assist the police

Sunday, Sept. 16

P.M. A-1 to 1 Easy St. 13:50 A-1 to 18 Pond St. 18:22 Engine 2 to 12 Groton School Rd. for a CO investigation 22:08 A-1 ALS Groton

Two auto lockouts, building lockouts, 1 public assist

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