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Friday, Aug. 3

A.M. 1:00 Cottage Street, disturbance; 9:22 Hyacinth Drive, ambulance; 9:58 Hollis Street, vandalism; 9:58 Wheeler Street, agency assistance;

P.M. 1:19 Main Street, harassing phone calls; 5:13 Nashua Road, motor vehicle complaint; 6:05 Beaver Creek Circle, burglar alarm; 9:34 South Road and Lakin Street, traffic control; 9:42 River Street, mutual aid.

Saturday, Aug. 4

A.M. 1:36 Tucker Avenue, ambulance; 1:40 Lomar Park Drive, motor vehicle accident; 2:01 Main Street, motor vehicle complaint; 9:51 Main Street, ambulance;

P.M. 2:07 Tarbell Street, traffic control; 2:19 River Road, ambulance; 6:37 Hillcrest Street, citizen assistance; 6:46 Forest Street, smoldering tree; 7:01 Shawnee Road, disabled motor vehicle; 7:14 Forest Street, electrical problem; 7:24 Railroad Street, domestic disturbance; 7:46 Main Street, lightening strike; 8:39 Hill Street and Boynton Street, welfare check; 9:38 Main Street, disturbance; 9:55 Tarbell Street, ambulance; 10:12 Main Street, ambulance; 10:57 River Road, road hazard; 11:49 Prescott Street, suspicious activity.

Sunday, Aug. 5

A.M. 3:24 West Street, suspicious activity; 3:39 First Avenue, ambulance; 4:49 South Road, lockout; 6:39 Brookline Street, ambulance; 7:11 Nissitissit Lane, wires down; 7:11 Jewett Street, wires down; 7:11 Jewett Street, animal control; 8:10 Chestnut Street, citizen assistance; 9:11 Park Street, lifeline;

P.M. 4:25 Jewett Street, complaint; 4:32 Main Street, wires down; 4:47 West Street, complaint; 4:57 Groton Street, burglar alarm; 5:14 Oak Hill Street, complaint; 5:31 Blood Street, complaint; 5:51 Main Street, fire; 6:09 Mt. Lebanon Street, complaint; 7:27 River Road, burglar alarm; 7:46 Hotel Place, ambulance; 8:22 Heald Street, open door; 9:57 Lowell Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 10:01 Cross Street, ambulance; 10:15 Mill Street, motor vehicle stop; 11:19 High Street, citizen assistance.

Monday, Aug. 6

A.M. 1:15 South Road and Hillside Drive, motor vehicle stop; 2:47 Tarbell Street, disturbance; 7:26 Lomar Park Drive, burglary; 7:59 Main Street, complaint; 8:40 Lowell Road, fraud; 9:01 Hollis Street, suspicious activity;

P.M. 12:04 Robin Lane suspicious activity; 1:19 Wheeler Street, agency assistance; 1:49 Foster Street, complaint; 2:07 Foster Street, motor vehicle stop; 2:59 Tucker Street, suspicious activity; 4:01 Main Street, welfare check; 6:52 Main Street, ambulance; 10:06 Nashua Road, welfare check; 11:35 Chestnut Street, message delivery.

Tuesday, Aug. 7

P.M. 2:23 William Street, lockout; 2:34 Groton Street, trash dumping; 3:43 Hollis Street, suspicious activity; 5:28 Jewett Street, summons served; 5:45 Main Street, motor vehicle stop; 9:51 Mason Street, ambulance; 11:56 Shattuck Street, suspicious activity.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

A.M. 1:00, mason Street, ambulance; 1:02 Tucker Street, disturbance; 5:27 South Road, ambulance; 11:28 North Street, wires down; 11:29 Lakin Street, burglar alarm;

P.M. 3:03 Main Street, motor vehicle complaint; 3:17 River Road, medical emergency; 3:49 Deerfield Drive, complaint; 8:25 Main Street, complaint; 8:49 Heald Street, suspicious activity; 9:46 South Road, suspicious activity.

Thursday, Aug. 9

A.M. 8:05 Lakin Street, burglar alarm; 11:23 Nashua Road, citizen assistance;

P.M. 12:55 Lowell Road, civil services; 2:04 Main Street, citizen assistance; 2:17 Groton Street, disturbance; 5:23 Pleasant Street, medical emergency; 5:48 Main Street, lockout; 6:20 Railroad Street, ambulance; 6:22 Canal Street, welfare check; 8:10 Townsend Street, motor vehicle complaint; 8:48 Maple Street, disturbance; 9:08 River Road, ambulance; 11:29 Maple Street, disturbance.

Friday, Aug. 10

A.M. 10:43 Pleasant Street, ambulance; 10:53 Main Street, larceny; 11:44 Lowell Road, civil services; 11:47 Deerfield Drive, complaint;

P.M. 2:19 Foster Street, ambulance; 2:48 Maple Street, ambulance; 7:19 Brookline Street, lockout; 10:52 South Road, mutual aid.

Saturday, Aug. 11

A.M. 2:01 Main Street, motor vehicle accident; 9:22 Lowell Road, civil services; 11:05 Canal Street, civil services;

P.M. 12:29 South Road and River Road, motor vehicle accident; 2:11 Main Street, trespass letter served; 7:12 Main Street, complaint; 7:42 Nashua Road, motor vehicle stop; 9:29 Shawnee Road, electrical issue; 10:37 Townsend Street, lockout.

Sunday, Aug. 12

A.M. 1:02 Dow Street, tree down; 2:39 River Road, citizen assistance; 11:07 Lowell Road, civil services;

P.M. 12:02 Chestnut Street, larceny; 1:23 Leighton Street, motor vehicle accident; 2:35 Deerfield Drive, motor vehicle complaint; 3:16 Harbor Street, ambulance; 3:50 Lowell Road, complaint; 3:50 River Road, lockout; 4:36 Foster Street, ambulance; 7:19 Groton Street, complaint; 9:29 Tarbell Street, traffic control; 10:19 Lowell Road and Leighton Street, motor vehicle stop.

Monday, Aug. 13

A.M. 12:56 Townsend Street and Mason Street, suspicious activity; 1:04 Main Street and Independence Road, motor vehicle stop; 4:59 Tarbell Street, traffic control;

P.M. 1:12 Main Street, burglar alarm; 1:37 Groton Street, ambulance; 3:25 River Road and Main Street, motor vehicle complaint; 6:04 Chestnut Street, domestic disturbance; 8:19 Hadley Road, civil services; 8:39 Main Street, open door; 8:41 Heald Street, animal control; 8:58 Bancroft Street, burglar alarm.

Tuesday, Aug. 14

A.M. 1:56 Lowell Street, ambulance; 5:21 Nashua Road, ambulance; 7:58 Maple Street, civil services; 9:34 Townsend Street, complaint; 10:13 Nashua Road and Nissitissit Lane, disabled motor vehicle; 11:13 Village Road, citizen assistance; 1:59 Main Street, stolen motor vehicle/plates; 3:28 Groton Street, motor vehicle complaint; 3:28 River Road, citizen assistance; 5:11 Lowell Road and Jersey Street, traffic control; 8:49 Hollis Street, welfare check; 9:40 Main Street and Groton Street, traffic control; 10:17 Lowell Road, burglar alarm; 10:32 Tarbell Street, citizen assistance.

Wednesday, Aug. 15

A.M. 6:56 Foster Street, ambulance; 8:51 Herget Drive, lockout; 11:55 Maple Street, domestic disturbance;

P.M. 12:23 Lowell Road, burglar alarm; 2:39 Groton Street, ambulance; 3:21 Main Street, motor vehicle accident; 3:47 Groton Street, complaint; 3:56 Tarbell Street, disturbance; 11:31 Hotel Place, welfare check; 11:41 Brookline Street, disturbance.

Thursday, Aug. 16

P.M. 3:45 June Street, motor vehicle complaint; 3:52 Chapel Place, domestic disturbance; 5:58 Park Street, citizen assistance; 9:58 Maple Street, citizen assistance; 10:29 Chapel Place, warrant served.


Saturday, Aug. 4

Christopher M. Shaw, 28, of 2 Railroad Street. Assault and battery.

Denise M. Sliger, 36, of 11 Boynton Street. Arrest warrant.

Eric M. Woods, 21, of 405 River Street. Arrest warrant.

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Michael T. Cappucci, 19, of 53 Lakin Street. Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended/revoked license, possession to distribute class E drug.

Saturday, Aug. 11

Reynaldo LeBlanc, 25, of 11 Apple Drive in Townsend. Operating under the influence of liquor, marked lanes violation.

Sunday, Aug. 12

Le Panya, 33, of 339 Westford Street, in Lowell. Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended/revoked license, number plate violation to conceal identification, unregistered motor vehicle, uninsured motor vehicle, receiving stolen property under $250.

Thursday, Aug. 16

Steven C. Jokinen Jr., 22, of 2 Chapel Place. Assault and battery.