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GROTON — Art is not something you hide under a bushel barrel.

It is something to take out and celebrate whether it be music, art, or the spoken word. And celebration is just what a group of local artists intend on doing as the last days of summer begin to wind down.

The place will be around the gazebo on the Town Field and the event is one being thrown by members of Deltion, a network of local artists begun among others by Connolly Drive resident Christian Arthur.

“This is a festival of sorts,” said Arthur of this Friday’s event. “It’s a gathering to celebrate the creative spirit and how it has manifested in this community. It seeks to bring people together and present opportunities to network for artists and enthusiasts alike. But, the most important goal is to simply have some fun.”

That fun will come in the form of a multi-media presentation that includes musicians, artists, and even poets.

“Performing at the event will be the Tymes, a newly-formed band, whose sound pays tribute to classic rock, jam bands, and ’60s rock, yet with a fresh twist,” said Arthur of those intending to place their creative enterprises on display this Friday. “The Cast Of Americas Favorite,I’m not even sure how to totally classify them. In the mix, there’s indie rock in there, circa Pavement, folk; it’s real melodic and honest music. Background Orcs is entirely improvisational music. It’s immersive and draws you in. A unique aspect of the band is the fact that they incorporate African rhythms. There will be more bands playing as well. As far as solo acts, for example, my friend Ryan Stephens will be doing poetry, and some sort of dancing performance. A buddy of mine, Matt Deluca, is going to bring his acoustic and play some originals. And there are more besides.”

Also on display will be photography, portfolio work, and different types of visual art all produced by local talent.

“Some of the members of the bands are from Groton, some are not,” said Arthur. “For the most part, they are not. Many of the single performers of the event, the poets and the singer-songwriters, they are from Groton.”

Arthur himself plans on taking an active role in the event aside from his organizational duties.

“I will be coordinating the event, making sure it runs smoothly,” Arthur said. “I will be taking pictures and video as much as I can, hopefully. And at some point, I will myself step up and perform music and poetry. ”

A key member of Deltion, Arthur was also in on its founding as a forum for “creatives from across the art spectrum.”

According to its website, Deltion’s membership includes “writers, photographers, painters, poets, and musicians, and more” and is “always expanding and evolving.”

“Not only are we looking for new members,” states the site’s home page, “but also, existing ones are constantly developing as artists and exploring media. We further exemplify this ethos of pushing the envelope by creating unique projects that blur the lines between various artforms.”

“My friends and I founded the collective,” said Arthur of the group. “What began as a small group of close friends has expanded into something much greater in scope and it’s very cool!”

Like anyone else, artists have to eat and getting the word out about themselves and their work is important in making contacts that could lead to sales of their art or stories and to paying gigs.

“Artists need to network in order to assure that they make connections to further their career, to find job opportunities, potential clients, and people to collaborate with,” continued Arthur. “Plus, I just think that networking is an important thing, whoever you are.

“I think art makes the world fun, it adds a sense of magic,” said Arthur. “People absolutely need it. And honestly, I don’t really mind if it helps pays the light bill.”

Although precursors of Friday’s event had been held by Deltion in the past, all lacked the more public forum of the Town Field where this weekend’s bash is to be held.

“Locating the event at the gazebo was a group decision,” said Arthur. “Most of Deltion members cite Groton as their hometown, so it came naturally.”

The Deltion event is scheduled fortoday, noon to 8 p.m., with more information available at the group’s website:

But even if there were no outlet such as Friday’s forum to display their work, local artists would still feel compelled to create and express themselves as they always have.

“I feel accomplished when I create and find joy when others connect with the expression,” said Arthur of his muse.

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