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I saw a man whose silent walk

Brought my eyes to tears

On his face I saw the fears

I saw his pain

I saw a life without gain.

He wasn’t old in years

But worn out by life

His body so beaten

He could barely stand.

I watched as he tried to walk across the street

Trying to beat

The traffic coming fast

His legs were badly bent

His arms all-askew

I sat in my car and watched

Wondering what I should do.

In one hand he held a cane

Which he used to steady his gait

He stood there

All he could do was wait.

No one slowed the least

No one but me was observing this feat.

For a minute the traffic cleared

And step-by-step he slowly moved

All the while his legs

Barely held him up

His pace was slow

And I don’t know

If he made it that day.

The traffic was moving

So I had to move too

I wish I knew

But I wish more than that

I wish I had parked

And walked with him

And shared his day

Had something nice to say

Put an arm around his shoulder

Maybe held his hand in mine

I’m going back to that same spot

I’ve a feeling that he’ll be there

And I will not drive away

Until he sees my face

Feels how much I care

And knows he is not alone

This I will do today.

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