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The Aug. 13, Pepperell Town Meeting approved a permanent override to the municipal tax rate for the support of the NMRS District beginning the fiscal year 2013, and thereafter, to be voted upon by ballot August 28.

It was presented as an increase of 33 cents to the tax rate. The present tax rate is $13.59 per thousand assessed valuation. What may not have been fully presented is that the town of Pepperell’s tax rate will increase by about 6.4 percent due to prior overrides voted for the support of NMRS and NVTHS plus other debt exclusions previously voted.

Without the $375,158 NMRS District override to be voted by ballot Aug. 28, coupled with assessed valuations dropping and the lack of new growth, the tax rate is estimated, and this is only an estimate, to rise to about $14.46 based on current data available. The $0.33 would then be on top of the final rate.

Because home and land valuations vary by many factors such as location, age, type of dwelling, depending upon market indicators, some residences could see an overall small increase in their taxes while others may see a much larger increase. If the override is approved at the polls on August 28, it is estimated that the tax rate will be approximately $14.79 per 1000 assessed valuation of real property. This is an estimated 8.8 percent increase from the prior fiscal year.

I am retired from my former position as assistant assessor and now an elected assessor but not attending routine meetings of the town’s financial personnel. Accordingly my figures may be challenged. I welcome and appreciate any corrections to the statistics recited.

This letter is written as an individual; not with concurrence of the Board of Assessors as the members have not had a meeting to discuss the contents.



Editor’s note: Since we will not publish another issue before the Aug. 28 override vote, Town Administrator John Moak was contacted to verify the accuracy of Susan’s figures. He said he cannot dispute them but wanted to stress that, as Susan says, the TAX RATE stands to rise by about 6.4 percent, but it is NOT the taxes themsleves that will increase by that percentage.