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Monday, Aug. 13

A.M. 0:46 A-1 to Nashoba Park 3:16 A-1 to 205 West Main St. 6:48 A-1 ALS Shirley 11:49 A-1 to 83 West Main St.

P.M. 12:20 A-1 to 64 Washington St. 14:52 A-1 to 3 Old Town Road 16:00 A-1 to 64 Washington St. 11:56 Still Alarm – A-2 to 55 Littleton Rd.

23:38 A-1 ALS Shirley

Tuesday, Aug. 14

A.M. 11:05 A-1 to Park St. for an mva

P.M. 15:45 Engine 4 to 9 Washington St. for alarms sounding 16:41 A-1 to 119 Willard St.

Wednesday, Aug. 15

A.M. 4:44 Engine 2 to 1 Easy St. for a smoke detector activation

P.M. 14:11 A-1 ALS Groton 18:49 A-1 ALS Groton

Thursday, Aug. 16

A.M. 1:24 A-1 to 37 Grove St. 8:26 A-1 to 18 Pond St.

Friday, Aug. 17

A.M. 3:02 Silent Still Alarm – Engine 2 to Wendy’s Restaurant for an accidental fire alarm 4:53 A-1 to 37 Grove St. 8:32 A-1 to 18 Highland Ave 9:09 A-1 to 37 Grove St. 11:23 A-1 ALS Groton 10:42 Engine 2, Ladder 1 to 6 Central Ave. for a stove fire

Saturday, Aug. 18

A.M. 1:10 A-1 to Nashoba Park 4:19 A-1 to Apple Valley Center 4:40 Still Alarm – A-2 to 139 Oak Ridge Dr. 9:08 A-1 ALS Littleton

Sunday, Aug. 19

A.M. 6:58 A-1 to Nashoba Park10:53 A-1 ALS Shirley

P.M. 20;20 A-1 ALS Groton

3 auto lockouts, building Lockouts, 2 public assist

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