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HARVARD — The sewer project is moving along, albeit a tad behind schedule and despite ledge issues, Town Administrator Tim Bragan told selectmen Tuesday night.

One holdup came when the biggest tank at the existing package wastewater treatment plant the new sewer lines will tie into failed inspection.

The tank was emptied, patched and filled, which fixed the problem. It’s fine now, he said, as are the others. DEP is expected to perform an inspection Aug. 15.

Asked if the schools or library, which already use the system, were impacted by the temporary shut-down, Bragan said no. The tanks that were pumped dry will be up and working by the end of the month, and with a new pump wired in, the switch-over from the tanks now in use will be simple. It’s just a matter of turning it on, Bragan explained.

The school facilities manager has been monitoring both locations and they are “well within capacity,” Bragan said.

“There’s still water line work to do out there on Ayer Road,” Bragan continued, indicating the road outside Town Hall. Sections of the pipeline that were calcified will be replaced or cleaned out, he said. Apparently it’s routine work, with no issues anticipated.

And costs are holding the line. “We’re not on time, but we are on budget,” Bragan said.

The Sewer Commission has been working on a set of policies and permit forms that per state regulations must be in place before residential hookups can be made. Bragan said that part of the project is on track, too.

A draft of the completed document is making the rounds now, he said. Once questions and comments have been forwarded to the commission, a semi-final version will be ready for selectmen to take a last look at before releasing it to the public.

About the same time, a final cost matrix with itemized fees should also be ready to go, Bragan said.

The entire package should be in by the board’s next meeting Aug. 28, with a public forum anticipated in September.

The selectmen will give the policy document their final stamp after that.