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By Katina Caraganis


AYER — A Level 2 sex offender from Townsend is being held without bail after his arraignment Tuesday on charges he tried to solicit sex from a 15-year-old over the Internet.

John McEndarfer, 56, of 44 Fitchburg Road, Townsend, agreed to waive rendition in Ayer District Court after his arrest on a fugitive-from-justice warrant.

Jessica Pastore, a spokeswoman for the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, said McEndarfer will be held without bail and will likely be picked up by officials in Indiana before his next court appearance in Ayer, scheduled for Aug. 17.

A warrant issued out of Monroe County, Indiana, alleges that McEndarfer tried to solicit sexual intercourse from a 15-year-old through the Internet.

McEndarfer is registered as a sex offender in Townsend, after his 1989 conviction in Clinton District Court for indecent assault and battery.

Townsend Police Chief Erving Marshall confirmed that McEndarfer is a registered sex offender in town, but did not elaborate on the specifics in the case.

A Level 2 sex offender is considered by the state to be at moderate risk of reoffending.

Louise Thorpe, a longtime friend of McEndarfer’s family, said she was shocked to hear of the news when reached by phone Tuesday afternoon.

Thorpe, of Townsend, described McEndarfer as the type of person who tried to live a good life and follow the letter of the law.

“His mother just passed away this past fall. This is just such a shock to me,” she said, while noting that McEndarfer is disabled and hasn’t worked in many years.

He is not married and has no children, she said, and his mother’s house was recently sold. She said he and one of his brothers live together in an apartment in town.

“He has certainly tried to be very responsible in taking care of his mother for years,” Thorpe said. “I can’t ever remember a time in recent memory that he’s been in trouble.”