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Suspicious Activity

Stow police were called in to assist after a Stow Road woman reported a man outside her home, knocking on doors and windows and repeatedly ringing the doorbell.

The young man was a Stow resident who was looking for his sister after the two had an argument earlier. Either the young woman was in the house, or her brother thought so.

He startled the resident whose home he seemed so eager to be admitted to, but the man said he was only trying to get the woman’s attention, Detective Izzo said.

The matter was settled without further incident.

On Thursday night, July 26, a campaign worker canvassing for a political candidate noted a door ajar at a Bolton Road residence and called police. An officer checked and secured the building, Detective Izzo said. Apparently, the door was left open by accident, not from a break-in.

Animal complaint

A dog that was running in and out with movers at a Tahanto Trail residence prompted a call to police on Thursday afternoon, July 26. It wasn’t clear from the report whether the residents were moving in or out of the home, but the dog was a nuisance. Officer Fortunato contacted the dog’s owner and Animal Control Officer Paul Willard.

Boxboro and Acton Police on the lookout for a female Acton resident in need of medical or mental-health attention asked Harvard Police to help search for her in the area of Pinnacle and Oak Hill roads late Friday night, July 27. The woman was located and transported by ambulance to Emerson Hospital in Concord.


An E-911 caller on Saturday at 4:30 a.m. stated he was not feeling well and needed help. The caller was a 17-year-old male who had apparently consumed too much alcohol, but he was conscious when EMTs arrived. He was upstairs while his friends were downstairs and they were not aware he had called, Detective Izzo said. The teenager was transported to UMass Medical Center in Worcester. No charges were filed.

Minors with alcohol

Charges were filed in a separate but similar incident that occurred Saturday night, July 28, in the Ayer and Still River roads area. A 20-year-old Harvard resident will be charged with underage possession of alcohol, Detective Izzo said. Six males who were among the guests at a party the young woman was hosting at her home in the town center ran off into the cemetery. Boxborough police were called to assist.

Smash and grab burglary

An Old Littleton Road resident returned home from work Monday afternoon, July 30, to find her home had been broken into. A jewelry box was the only item reported stolen. A list of items in the box and their value was not immediately available.

The mode of the crime was similar to past robberies in Harvard and surrounding towns. Commonly referred to as “smash and grab” burglaries, the thieves typically strike during the day, act fast and with singular purpose. Generally believed to be after gold items that can quickly be turned into cash, they smash through a front door, grab an accessible cache of jewelry, often in a box, and disappear.

Student driver woes

Bolton Police reported on Monday afternoon that a white vehicle with two girls inside that had “almost caused three motor-vehicle accidents” in that town was headed toward Harvard via Bolton Road. The vehicle’s registration was traced to a Littleton Road address.

As it turned out, the operator was learning to drive a standard transmission vehicle, which accounted for its erratic operation, Detective Izzo said.

— M.E. Jones