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By Alana Melanson


TOWNSEND — A six-year veteran of the Board of Health is denying the charges brought against her and her daughter by her niece.

On Monday in Fitchburg District Court, Michelle Dold, 51, was arraigned on a single charge of intimidation of a witness and her daughter, Amanda Dold, 23, was arraigned on a larceny of a motor vehicle charge relating to incidents in May.

Both were summonsed based on accusations by Michelle Dold’s niece, Jennifer Frederick, 30, of Fitchburg.

“It is not true. I did not do that,” Michelle Dold said when reached by telephone Monday night. “All I did was answer the phone.”

Dold said she initially also had been charged with larceny of a motor vehicle but was able to get the charge dropped. She’s wondering now how the legal system can allow charges like this to be pressed without evidence.

She said she hadn’t seen her niece in years until she received a phone call from her in May.

According to court documents, Frederick claims Amanda Dold and her boyfriend, Sean Dickhaut, 25, of Ashby, stole her 2002 Ford Explorer on May 14 after Amanda Dold had asked her for a ride. Frederick told police she drove Amanda Dold to pick up Dickhaut from a drug rehabilitation facility and then to an Elm Street residence, where they went inside to get gas money. Frederick claims she waited for them for 15 minutes outside, then went inside to find them passed out on the bathroom floor with drug needles beside them.

Frederick said she then woke them up, they all got into the car and Amanda Dold asked they be driven to Mt. Vernon Street. Frederick told police she went home first to drop off her child, and that Amanda Dold and Dickhaut were passed out in the car while she went inside. Frederick claims they then drove off with her car, and that Dickhaut later told her she would get it back when “they drag it out of the river.”

Police reportedly found the vehicle a short while later on the same day the incident was reported, parked on a dirt path off of the 1100 block of Franklin Road. All of the windows were left open, the key was in the ignition and there did not appear to be any damage to the vehicle.

Michelle Dold said Monday her daughter told her that Frederick’s boyfriend pistol-whipped Dickhaut and tried to rob him.

On May 24, Frederick reported to police that Michelle Dold had told her to drop the charges against Amanda Dold and Dickhaut, and that she had allegedly said she would “take her on a ride that she has never been on in her life.” Frederick also told police she was “afraid of what her aunt is going to do to her or her children,” according to a narrative by Fitchburg Officer Steven Hachey.

Michelle Dold said the conversation as Frederick portrays it never happened. She said when Frederick called to say that her daughter had stolen the vehicle, she simply said, “I hope you’re telling the truth.”

Michelle Dold says her sister went to the Fitchburg Police Department and asked them to do a wellness check at the Elm Street location and they did not find any drug paraphernalia or evidence of drug use there.

Dickhaut was arrested on July 30 at the Intermodal station in Fitchburg on six outstanding warrants. Upon his arrest, police also found him to be in possession of heroin and Suboxone, a drug used to treat opiate addiction. Dickhaut was subsequently charged with possession of both Class A and Class B substances and was held on $2,000 cash bail.

On July 28, Frederick was arrested on charges she tried to break into Don’s Diner in Leominster with two accomplices. She is charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony and vandalizing property. The former waitress, whom the diner owner told police had been let go for stealing cash in the past, was held in lieu of $100 or $1,000 surety bail. Michelle Dold said Frederick is in prison in Framingham on these charges, and that she had violated her probation.

According to court documents, in June 2011, Frederick stole a debit and credit card from a 72-year-old Fitchburg man in the care of Hillcrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Fitchburg, where Frederick had previously worked as a certified nursing assistant. Her former boss there told police Frederick had been dismissed shortly after the incident as the result of an internal investigation, but did not specify whether it was related.

Lunenburg police arrested Frederick on the warrant related to this incident in August 2011. Her boyfriend was also arrested for another, separate warrant in his name. Their two children were in the vehicle at the time.

Frederick was initially charged with larceny from a person, larceny under $250, identity fraud, larceny of a credit card and improper use of a credit card under $250, all but the latter of which were dismissed. Frederick was placed on probation, ordered to pay about $131 restitution and ordered to have no contact with the victim or the nursing home. At the time, Frederick had also violated her probation from a previous unnamed offense, according to court documents.

Michelle Dold said she was unaware of her niece’s legal problems until she looked up her files at the court.

“She had to take the attention off of herself and put it on someone else,” she said. “And everyone else pays the price.”

Michelle Dold says she had a completely clean record before this charge and she is worried she will lose her job as a security guard.

Both Michelle and Amanda Dold are due back in court Sept. 27. Frederick and Dickhaut are both due back in court Aug. 28