Townsend Recreation would like to publicly thank all of the following town boards/departments in making the visit of the Kelly Miller Circus a smooth one.

Both shows went off without a hitch, to the delight of hundreds of people! I could not have brought this circus to town without the aid of the Building, Water, Parks and Cemetery, Highway, Fire and Police departments. Venture Crew 30 was amazing with its parking detail. The cooperative spirit between all these entities is what makes the town of Townsend a great place to live! A special thanks to the town of Townsend treasurer’s office, Bailey’s Bar and Grille, and Townsend House Restaurant for selling circus tickets for us.

Townsend Recreation Director Resignation

Effective Aug. 19, I will be resigning from my position as recreation director for the town of Townsend. I would like to say thanks to all the people that have volunteered to help out over the last nine years. Your help as a recreation commissioner, dance chaperone, an instructor or being part of the Haunted Trail has enabled the town of Townsend and surrounding community members to partake in varied activities that, hopefully, have enriched their lives. I will especially miss the staff and participants in our Summer Recreation program.

The job position is posted at Town Hall and the job description can be obtained from the town clerk’s office. Deadline is July 30. The following is a little info for you that is not included in the posting or job description. The job is currently 12 or less hours per week (posting says less then 19 hours) and this year the six weeks of summer recreation, I am working 40 hours per week, but that could change next year. The position is a work out of your home job, requiring to use your own vehicle to pick up supplies, telephone and computer. Local supplies are paid on your own credit card or your own cash and the town reimburses you after you submit the receipts. The town does not provide any funding, including the director’s salary and the seasonal employees salaries. It is up to the recreation director to gain funds through the programs and fundraising to provide the funds to pay the salaries. So basically, you are running your own business under the town of Townsend heading!

Things could change with a new employee, but the following are activities that I have been involved with over the years: Earth Day, Haunted Trail, ABC Follow Me, dances (monthly) for sixth through eighth grade (need to find 10 volunteers to chaperone each time), bus trip to New York City, group tickets to area events, day musical theater, night comedy theater, volleyball, tennis, exercise classes, weight-loss challenge, archery, babysitting classes, CPR class, and so much more. It is a great job, if you like to be busy all the time!

Please call if you want more info, 978-597-5914 or email Resume should be forwarded to Andy Sheehan, town administrator.