It’s unlikely that a single taxpayer in the North Middlesex Regional School District would fail to support education. The problem, though, is the myriad of costs fighting for a typical household’s dwindling dollars.

When taxpayers in the three towns of Ashby, Pepperell and Townsend turned down a sizable override request in the spring, administrators and School Committee members were told to go back to the drawing board and bring the budget down. That task has now been done and a new override request is on the table.

Education Reform is a key component of education in the commonwealth. Once enacted by the state, school budgets soared. That was OK as long as the state upheld its promise of financial support.

But funding levels have not kept up with the costs of education. And we worry that dollars needed for our schools are being squandered.

Next month, the three towns will vote again on an override, but a significantly smaller one.

Approving an override is a bitter pill to swallow, however, since that sum, over and above the tax levy of each town, continues year after year. Voters only approve it once but it’s the gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.

So as voters consider this new override vote, we must keep the pressure on state leaders. State coffers have a lot more money than our families do. We must insist that money is well spent and that a fair amount of it is directed to fund our children’s education.