Stone seal resurfacing notice from the DPW to residents of the following roads:

Ann Lees Road

Babbit Lane

Cameron Road

East Bare Hill Road

Myrick Lane

Poor Farm Road

Simon Atherton Row

Tohanto Trail

Underpin Road

Westcott Road

Whitney Road Ayer Road to Littleton Road)

The work will begin in August.

The Public Works Department has surveyed the condition of these roads and determined they are in dire need of maintenance. The pavement condition, if left in its current state, has reached a point where it will quickly deteriorate without maintenance. In the past, bituminous asphalt resurfacing would have been used to resurface your roadway; however, major increases in the cost of oil have made traditional paving too expensive.

With the prospect of high oil costs in the future, the DPW will apply a Liquid Bituminous Stone Seal to slow down the pavement deterioration and extend the life of our roadways. Liquid Bituminous Stone Seals cost one quarter the price of traditional bituminous paving, allowing us to spread our limited road funds over more of our public travel ways.

Liquid Asphalt Stone Seals consists of a spray application of liquid latex bituminous asphalt, immediately followed up with an application of clean, dust free, 3/8ths inch pea stone. The pea stone is then pressed into the liquid bituminous asphalt with a pavement roller.

The installation of the stone seal moves along very quickly and you will have access to your home except for the limited time the operation is directly in front of your property. There will be some loose stone for a week after the installation. The stone will be swept up by the town’s street sweeper in the week following the installation and your road will be monitored after that in the event any loose stone is left behind. Our experience with this product has shown that the road will have a traditional paved look and feel by next spring.