TOWNSEND — There was little on the agenda for the Finance Committee. The current town budget is complete and work has not begun on the next.

A reserve fund request of $3,679.79 from the tax collector for tax-title services was approved at the July 19 meeting.

The bill for services purchased in fiscal 2012, should have been done as a municipal transfer, said Chairman Andrea Wood. Because the request was not in on time, it had to be processed as a reserve-fund transfer.

Municipal transfers for a previous year must be completed with 15 days of the next fiscal year, she said. Fiscal 2012 ended June 30.

Wood accepted motions to postpone discussion on other agenda items until the full committee meets.

At a future meeting they will discuss the new contract for the police chief. The contract was negotiated by the selectmen and is dated June 5.

The chief is on the town’s wage and salary matrix, but still negotiates a contract, she said. He receives a base salary, a longevity payment and payments from the town for the Quinn Bill.

Quinn Bill payments are given to officers who have completed college coursework. Half the cost was paid for by the state and half by the town until a few years ago. The state no longer funds the bill and the town now pays the entire amount for officers who were receiving the money when the change was made.

The contract gives him a 2 percent cost of living raise beginning in fiscal 2014.

He has maxed out on the matrix and his is the only contract with a cost of living increase, Wood said.

In the interest of clarity for the matrix and for effects on other employees who have reached the top of the pay scale, the cost of living adjustment should be discussed, she said.

Other employees with contracts are close to the maximum they can earn on the matrix and contract negotiations are coming up soon, she said.

“They should go to negotiations early so we have a rough idea for Town Meeting,” Wood said.

The committee will also discuss its own policies and budget when more members are present.

Four of the six members were at the meeting.

One vacancy exists on the board. Wood said the Town Clerk received a volunteer form from James Normington, an on-call firefighter and lawyer who is interested in sitting on the committee.

As chairman of the Finance Committee, Wood also received numerous emails regarding the school budget.

Most of the 13 letters followed the same format, she said. Committee member Colin McNabb said he received three similar emails.

The North Middlesex School District held a budget meeting the same night the Finance Committee met.

“They have a right to their opinion,” Wood said.