AYER — Ever been bombed while running? Michelle Lee of Ayer took part in a colorful road race on July 15 in Boston called The Color Me Rad 5K.

Participants were “bombed” with packets containing colored corn starch as they ran. The result is art in motion — a sea of runners constituting a moving canvas.

“I’ve run 5Ks before but not the Color Me Rad,” said Lee. She’s planning to run it again. “I had a great time.”

Lee said she’s been running for eight months and found the course very friendly to beginning and expert runners. “It’s a chance for all runners to just run in the spirit of fun physical fitness. As you run the course you either get dusted with color from a RAD Color Bomb Squad volunteer or you get sprayed with color,” said Lee. “Almost all participants wear white and prepare for an all out tie-dye experience.”

“When Zoloft and balloon animals can’t seem to raise your spirits, the best way to brighten your life is to run Color Me Rad 5K,” reads the race website The Color Me Rad 5K is run in several cities each year.

“It was fun to see runners in costumes such as tutus and clown wigs and to see the creative names that people came up with for their teams,” said Lee. “Many teams color coordinated with each other or dressed up in some form of a themed costume.”

“I actually had to drive to work after the event and found that I resembled an Easter egg,” said Lee. With soap and shampoo, race organizers assure participants that the coloring comes off — eventually.

The Boston leg of the Color Me Rad 5K benefitted the Simon Youth Foundation. The nonprofit organization launched by Simon Malls fosters and improves educational opportunities, career development and life skills for at-risk youth.

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