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This has been another great year for stripe bass fishing. To think just 15 years ago fisherman were hard pressed to find a striper to catch and now we are in the new glory days of the stripe bass.

There are lots of short fish, those under 28 inches and plenty of keepers those over 28 inches. You are allowed to keep two fish per day and culling is allowed. But when you are fishing live bait and when its pogy fishing your most likely to catch only keepers.

Local sportsman and friend John Wilder went fishing for stripers with his family aboard the Brandi Ellen, captained by Dale Tripp, who is the same person I went with two weeks ago and what a trip they had. Here is a some of their story.

Having enjoyed a very successful striped bass fishing trip last September out of Yarmouth with Dale, to include my eldest son, Jason, and my grandson, Tayber, we decided to do it again. So, to continue celebrating Father’s Day over the past few years, by spending a day fishing, we booked another trip with Dale, for this past Saturday.

We were on the water by 5 a.m. and By 6:30 a.m. we had caught a number of “keepers” and were heading home each of us with our limit of two nice stripers. Tayber attained this year’s bragging rights, having caught the largest fish at 25 pounds and 36 inches.

Jason and his son, Tayber, 11, are residents of Townsend. Tayber attends HBMS in Townsend. Sounds like the group had a great time they just forgot to take me along.

Greyson Sanford of Brookline, N.H., and a member of the Townsend Rod and Gun Club had what could only be called the best turkey hunting week of a persons life. Sanford who shot a turkey in New Hampshire, then went to Maine and finished the week off in Massachusetts. His father Brian Sanford resides in Townsend.

Didn’t get picked in the lottery? You still have an option for hunting moose in New Hampshire this fall! The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire’s 2012 New Hampshire Moose Permit Auction is open. Bids must be received by Aug. 3. Official bid guidelines and documents are available by mail and for downloading from the Foundation’s website at

John J. Maher Jr. and John J. Maher both of Pepperell are the two luckiest people in one family for a lottery I have ever heard of. Both of these folks were picked for moose permits for the state of New Hampshire. With only 27 permits being issued to Non residents and 7,000 people applying these two should not walk but run to the local store and play megabucks.

Shad are still moving up the Merrimack River. Their numbers are slowing for sure but you still have a chance at what is known as the poor man’s salmon. Over 20,000 shad have made the trip to the Essex Dam in Lawrence. So head to Route 28 in Lawrence at dawn and catch a great fighting fish.

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