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AYER — If you don’t have the means to travel to the far ends of the Earth, you could have experienced a reasonable facsimile by sitting in the Page Hilltop School Cultural Arts Room on June 8.

There, you could look at reports from around the world and sample diverse cuisine from almost all of the continents. Second-grade teacher Lindsay Mele organized this event with the help of her teaching team — Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Reilly, Ms. Marchand and Ms. Pasquaretta. The students had been working over the course of one to two months to prepare.

Students first picked a country they wanted to concentrate on that represented a part of their heritage. “I wanted the kids to have fun and learn something about the culture that they come from,” Mele said.

“The students all did such a remarkable job with this multi-disciplinary, hands-on project,” Mele said. Lynch agreed. “I am so proud of all of the children. They worked hard and are so enthusiastic to show the parents and guests what they learned.” Lynch continued, “It was also wonderful to see the kids teaching each other about the countries they researched.”

On the morning of June 8, parents were invited to celebrate the work that their children did. The second grade began by entertaining the crowd with a song called “Global Wonders: Hello.” Then, members of each of the classes individually got up on the stage and recited a significant fact about the country they studied. Two more songs, “Hello Around the World” and “I Think You’re Wonderful” were belted out before the international cuisine portion of the morning began.

There was a large variety of tempting creations to sample, including apple pie, sushi, Irish soda bread, ricotta pie, trifle, empanadas and kielbasa.With the help of some parent volunteers, the second grade team put together a bound cookbook of all of the recipes.

“I love having the cookbook,” parent Michele Granger said. “I’m looking forward to trying some of these recipes this summer with my kids!”

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