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Miscellaneous police calls

On Tuesday, June 5, a former Conservation Commission member called because he was concerned about material he saw on conservation land near his home on Old Littleton Road that he believed was illegally dumped there. There was no criminal activity, however. It was a compost pile in the process of decomposing.

Long-distance charges lead to local arrest

A 23-year-old Harvard resident faces a fugitive from justice charge and far more serious charges in Colorado for alleged RICO act violations (racketeering), conspiracy and drug distribution.

He was arrested Tuesday, June 5, and remained in custody overnight at the police station, where a state police K-9 unit was called to check out his car but found nothing that would result in additional charges, Officer Daniele Fortunato said.

According to Detective Jack Izzo, the arrest here was set in motion after a call from Topsfield police, who told Harvard police that a town resident was being sought by law enforcement officials in Colorado, along with a resident of the other town.

The case is linked to an incident in Leominster a couple of months ago in which postal inspectors intercepted packages containing marijuana, he said.

Hickok was transported to Clinton District Court Wednesday morning, which in effect ended local police involvement with the out-of-state matter, Izzo said.


Ayer Police asked their Harvard counterparts to be on the lookout for a motor vehicle whose driver they wanted to talk to. The man they were seeking was the husband of an Ayer woman who feared he was trying to harm her, Officer Daniele Fortunato said. The vehicle was not found, she said, at least not on this side of the town line.

On Thursday afternoon, June 7, Sgt. Coates observed a van operating erratically on Route 2 at the Ayer Road exit ramp. He also noted that a be-on-the-lookout alert was out on the van after it was spotted at the Mobil gas station in Ayer, reportedly with an intoxicated driver and passenger.

Sgt. Coates stopped the van. Noting signs that the driver had been drinking, he conducted a field sobriety test and arrested the driver, 29-year-old Jonathan Lagreze of South Dennis, charging him with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of liquor and marked-lanes violation. The passenger was not arrested or charged. The vehicle was towed.

Sexual assault

After speaking to Police Chief Edward Denmark Thursday morning, June 7, a town resident came to the police station to file charges against someone who allegedly raped her adult daughter, who came to the station with her.

The charges include indecent assault and battery and unnatural rape, Officer Daniele Fortunato said. She noted this was the third such case still open involving sexual assault incidents in town, including one that is now in court.

Motor-vehicle accident

A single-vehicle accident on Wednesday morning, June 6, took out a utility pole and damaged a resident’s mailbox on Pinnacle Road near the Oak Ridge Observatory. Other than “minor scratches,” the driver was not injured, Officer Daniele Fortunato said.

The woman’s explanation for the crash was that she lost control of the vehicle after hitting a declivity in the road. The vehicle was towed. The operator was issued a warning citation for marked-lanes violation.

Suspicious activity/motor vehicle

A vehicle parked in the secluded driveway of a new but not yet occupied house under construction on Old Shirley Road Wednesday morning was the site of a lover’s tryst. The amorous pair inside the car — a man and woman, apparently not married to one another — were told to move on, Officer Daniele Fortunato said.

Quiet party

A male who asked to remain anonymous called police Friday night to report what he believed was an underage drinking party in the neighborhood. The caller said he’d seen someone going into the other house carrying a case of beer. Another male caller who also declined to give his name made a similar report some time later.

There were a couple of vehicles parked in the yard but the house was quiet when police checked it out. An officer also spoke to three young people walking nearby but found nothing amiss. It was a birthday party and the parents were home, Officer Fortunato said.

Suspicious person

A caller reported a man walking in the area of Bolton and Armstrong roads Saturday night carrying some books and a sweater and who appeared confused. It was an elderly gentleman who did, indeed, need assistance. Detective Newman gave him a ride home.

Protesters return, free speech upheld

A protest group whose signs depicted President Barack Obama with a Hitler-esque moustache sparked local angst previously when they set up tables outside the General Store. When police arrived, they were packing up to go but said they’d be back.

The group returned Saturday morning, June 9.

The police chief said that as long as they were on the grassy area next to the store — which is a public way and not obstructing traffic — they were not breaking any law and it was OK for them to be there, Officer Daniele Fortunato said.

The material they were distributing might have been “offensive” to some residents who complained about it, but it was not obscene by legal definition and within their rights to do so, she said.

General services

While on patrol Thursday morning, the sergeant on duty noticed flashing amber lights inside an office building on Lancaster County Road. Determining that the cause was a system problem rather than an intruder, he called the contact number on file with police to notify the person in charge.

Vandals hit Bromfield again

The Bromfield School has been vandalized several times over the last several weeks, inside and out. The granite side outside the school was cracked after being knocked over three or four times and has been removed for repairs.

In addition, several hundred dollars worth of damage and malicious mischief was done after a break-in.

This time, police picked up some clues about how the vandals are getting into the building, and may be close to catching the culprits, who will face criminal charges and hefty repair bills.

In the recent incident, the first inkling the school was again being targeted came Sunday night, June 10, when Officer Hughes noticed an open door. Checking out the building, he found the library door propped open and other anomalies. Outside, he noted a vehicle parked by the tennis court and recorded the registration number.

He didn’t see anyone in or around the building.

But on Monday morning, the school facilities manager found more destruction. Interior door locks had been broken. The cafeteria door was propped open and handles on the science room door were broken off. In addition, a fire extinguisher was stolen. Total damages were estimated at $600.


A backpack and wallet were stolen from a vehicle parked at the Finn Road conservation area Monday afternoon. The vehicle and the stolen articles belong to a Stow woman who reported the theft, and there was a witness. Another visitor, a man from Bolton, apparently saw the thief reach into the vehicle and remove the items. He stated the man he saw was driving an older model green pickup truck but he didn’t get the license-plate number. The incident is under investigation.

Family feud

A fight between two brothers at their Old Littleton Road home Monday afternoon resulted in the arrest of the elder brother, 22-year-old Sebastian Cerva.

Police were alerted via an E-911 call made by the elder Cerva, accusing his younger brother of assaulting him. But police determined that the caller himself was the “primary aggressor” and arrested him. He was charged with domestic assault and battery. Due to prior offenses, no bail was set, Officer Daniele Fortunato said.

EMTs were called to the scene but ambulance services were refused.

After being jailed overnight at the police station, Cerva was arraigned in Clinton District Court .

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