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GROTON — Shuffling the deck last Tuesday night, members of the Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee reorganized themselves by replacing longtime chairman James Frey with Allison Manugian.

The move came in a vote held early in a special meeting held May 29 at which the committee also welcomed new Dunstable representative Luis Deloureiro, who replaced Erik Dichter following recent elections.

Following the decision to name Manugian chairman, School Committee members next voted to have John Giger as vice-chairman and Deloureiro as secretary.

The new era in leadership began with a number of motions, including one appointing attorney Howard Greenspan as the district’s legal counsel at a rate of $200 an hour.

The move was initially challenged by Giger, who suggested that the motion be tabled pending an analysis by the Finance and Business Sub-Committee of the cost involved in renewing the agreement with Greenspan.

Agreeing that a decision should wait, the committee eventually decided to go ahead with the appointment but limited it to a period from July 1 to Dec. 31 instead of to June 30, 2013.

The shortened period, committee members believed, would give it breathing room should a final report indicate that legal services could be reduced, thus saving the district money.

Next the School Committee yielded to advice given by Superintendent Joseph Mastrocola that their meetings be pulled back to every second and fourth Wednesday instead of every other Tuesday.

Mastrocola explained that Tuesdays had become problematic as the day often conflicted with local elections and other events.

Other motions voted on last Tuesday night included:

n Authorization given to the chairman to make appointments to sub-committees covering policy, personnel and negotiations, business and finance, and curriculum and instruction.

n Authorization given to the chairman to appoint committee representatives and liaisons to such entities as the Groton and Dunstable Boards of Selectmen, Groton-Dunstable Education Foundation, Groton-Dunstable Alliance for Youth, Groton-Dunstable SpedPac, and the Prescott School Re-Use Committee.

n Appointment of Fred Aponte as the district’s treasurer for a sum of $10,147.

n Appointment of Dr. Russell Coleman as school physician for a sum of $6,000, which would also cover the services of nurse practitioner Karen Flynn.

n Appointment of Susan Smith as the School Committee’s recording secretary at a rate of $180 per meeting and Dina Mancini as attendance supervisor at a rate of $3,000 annually.

n Ending last Tuesday night’s meeting by entering executive session to discuss strategy relating to upcoming negotiations with the district’s nonunion employees.

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