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Monday, May 21

A.M. 4:30, still alarm, Forestry 1 to Wagon Road for a brush fire; 10:52, A-1 to 8 Whitcomb Ave.; 11:20, A-1 to Nashoba Park;

P.M. 12:55, A-1 to 18 Pond St.; 7:05, A-1 to 8 Pearl St.; 7:43, A-1 ALS Pepperell;

Tuesday, May 22

A.M. 2:48, A-1 to 8 Pearl St.; 5:31, A-1 ALS Shirley; 10:32, A-1 ALS Shirley;

P.M. 4:18, A-1 ALS Groton; 11:13, A-1 to 83 West Main St.;

Wednesday, May 23

A.M. 11:08, A-1 ALS Shirley;

P.M. 2:14, A-1 to 12 Columbia St.; 4:15, A-1 to 10 Victor Drive; 4:30, Service 1 to 703 Autumn Ridge Drive for a CO check; 7:58, Engine 2 to 16 Longview Circle for an investigation;

Thursday, May 24

A.M. 5:48, A-1 to 32 Columbia St.; 9:33, Engine 2, A-1 to Fitchburg Road for a motor vehicle accident;

P.M. 12:52, Box 91, Ayer police station, accidental alarm; 3:11, A-1 to Ayer District Court on East Main St.; 5:01, A-1 to 75 Park St.; 8:37, Engine 4 to 1 Daybrook Drive to investigate an odor of gas;

Friday, May 25

A.M. 9:55 A-1 to Nashoba Park;

Saturday, May 26

A.M. 9:03, A-1 to 1 Moore Drive;

P.M. 7:21, A-1 to Apple Valley Center; 10:15, Engine 2 to the area of Mark Street for an investigation;

Sunday, May 27

A.M. 1:27, A-1 ALS Shirley;

P.M. 4:26, A-1 to 16 Pingry Way; 11:09, A-1 to 40 East Main St.;

Monday, May 28

A.M. 12:54, silent still alarm, Engine 2 to Shelley Lane for an alarm activation; 9:35, silent still alarm, Engine 2 to 16 Longview for a CO investigation; 10:27, A-1 to 75 Sandy Pond Road;

P.M. 16:11, silent still alarm, Engine 2 to 29 High St. for an odor investigation;

Five auto lockouts, building lockouts, two public assist.

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