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Victim’s boyfriend takes stand in Gulla murder trial


WOBURN — “I made a mistake,” a desperate Allison Myrick texted to her new boyfriend, John O’Brien, in the hours before she was allegedly killed at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Robert Gulla.

In Middlesex Superior Court on Tuesday, O’Brien, 21, testified that on the night of Jan. 22, 2010, he and Myrick, both Fitchburg State University students, had a fight and then made up.

But later that night, 19-year-old Myrick apparently called Gulla and asked him to bring her to his Shirley home.

It would be the last time anyone saw her alive.

O’Brien testified that on Jan. 23, 2010, he received another chilling text message from Myrick,” I’m so scared…He (Gulla) went through my phone again.”

O’Brien testified he was getting an “uneasy feeling. ”

Showing the jury cell phone records that saved the text messages, Myrick texted O’Brien that she was going to take the train back to Fitchburg.

“Please tell me you are OK,” O’Brien texted back.

But there was no response.

O’Brien sent her a message that he would meet her at the train station. But after watching all the passengers disembark the 6:45 train, Myrick was not among them.

About the same time that O’Brien was at the train station, Kimberly Vanderzee was returning to her 4 Morin Road home in Shirley to find Myrick and her son at the bottom of the basement stairs. Myrick was dead, allegedly killed by Gulla and 19-year-old Gulla had tried to commit suicide.

Gulla, 21, is on trial in Middlesex Superior Court charged with first-degree murder and violation of a restraining order for the Jan. 23, 2010 murder of Myrick.

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