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Election monitoring — Inside the Bromfield cafeteria, volunteers from the campaigns are serving as another set of eyes and ears as residents file in from the rain to vote in the Town Election. From the left and seated at the sign-in desk are poll workers Gail Conlin, left, and Patti Anklam. Seated behind are poll monitors Keith Cheveralls (left), Chris Morrison, Edie Hettinger, and Christopher Ashley.

HARVARD – As the candidates got in their last minute waves to voters, the polls were hopping inside the Bromfield School cafeteria today. The polls are open until 8 p.m.

Monitors from the different races sat behind the voter check-in table, acting as another set of eyes and ears at the polls in the contentious selectmen’s race.

Harvard Realty owner Rhonda Sprague is matched against former selectman Lucy Wallace. The two have pitched tents on the school’s front traffic circle to keep fellow supporters dry in separate campaign encampments on this cold and rainy day.

In the second contested race, Sharon McCarthy and John Rizzo are facing off for one available seat on the Harvard Board of Health.

There are also two ballot questions.

In Question #1, voters are asked whether or not to increase the property tax to cover $2.97 million worth of the proposed $3.97 million renovation of historic Harvard Town Hall. The Community Preservation Committee has pledged to cover the remaining $1 million in financing costs over the bond’s 20-year life. The issue passed muster at Saturday’s Annual Town Meeting but must also attain a simple majority vote today at the polls.

In Question #2, voters are also being asked whether or not to increase property taxes above Proposition two and a half limits to repay $750,000 in borrowing to rebuild Littleton County Road from Old Schoolhouse Road to the Littleton town line.

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