I am optimistic because Lucy Wallace is running for selectman. How lucky our Harvard residents are that Lucy has the courage and desire to return to the fray.

Lucy brings a great deal of experience and character to the role of selectman. She was voted in and served effectively as selectman for four terms, until she took a short break for personal reasons. It is time to welcome Lucy back.

During Lucy’s many years of service to us, Lucy demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate, strong and humble leadership, sincere and thoughtful collaboration, and respectful and honest friendship to Harvard residents. Lucy has contributed in a variety of ways, including: Planning Board, Conservation Committee, Master Planning Committee, Council on Aging, League of Women Voters, Congregational Church (Moderator), board member Nashua River Watershed Association, and of course as selectman.

I trust Lucy, her intentions and judgment; and I appreciate her commitment to our town. It is safe to say, regardless of what side of the table one sits on, Lucy works to bring people together for the best interests of Harvard, she is clear about where she stands, and she is willing to hear and consider different points of view.

Lucy brings a balanced perspective, the ability to listen well, many years of solid and successful experience and indisputable contributions to Harvard. She most certainly has a track record as an effective, dedicated and reasonable selectman who is recognized for her high degree of integrity.

Agree with all of Lucy’s perspectives or not. That is one’s prerogative, one we exercise regularly with our friends and loved ones. But let’s face it: Lucy Wallace’s vast experience in town politics, especially including selectman, her admirable characteristics, her years and years of volunteerism, and her proven desire to make a positive difference for Harvard is what we need and deserve right now.

Lucy Wallace is a proven commodity and my sure bet. Join me and vote for Lucy so she may once again make a difference as selectman for all our sakes. A vote for Lucy Wallace is a vote for optimism.