HARVARD — In progress: Phase 1 of the technology upgrades to the Harvard schools. Set to launch: Phase 2 upgrades.

IT Manager Mark LaVertue briefed the Harvard School Committee on April 9. The first $94,000 in upgrades are afoot, including the running of fiber-optic connections between the schools, researching the latest wireless route to take, and setting up new cabling and electricity for a computer lab upgrade at Hildreth Elementary School.

Force BHogue 4/18/12 who? said Phase 2 purchases would be made sometime this spring to both prepare for the coming school year and to arm teachers over the summer during professional development offerings.

Among other things, there will be 24 iPads purchased at the cost of $600 each, or $14,000 total, the purchase of 26 document cameras for $15,600, and the purchase of 52 desktop computers for $57,200.

The funding source for the $105,290 Phase 2 project is the Devens contract revenues.

The committee flirted briefly with potential recipients of outdated technology being replaced at the school. However, LaVertue cautioned that the equipment is “pretty much all junk.”

“When I say junk I don’t say it facetiously. We run it into the ground,” said LaVertue.

In any event, there’s a disposal process for town equipment, said Finance Director Lorraine Leonard. “First it must go to any other department in town. We can’t just say we’ll put it there.”

Superintendent Joseph Connelly suggested an open house technology night at the schools to spotlight the upgrades once complete.