As we all know, mental stimulation is important to seniors. It helps with slowing the onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other mental illnesses. Few things aside from a nightly dose of “Jeopardy!” can help you keep your mind active more than Scrabble. Scrabble not only improves your vocabulary but it makes you think — about letter combinations, placements on the board to maximize your score, etc. It is a great game for seniors.

To highlight the impact of Scrabble on seniors, we will be sponsoring a Senior Scrabble Tournament next month. It will be a single-elimination contest spread over three or four weeks (depending on how many players we get). We will be using official Scrabble rules, have judges in case of a dispute and wide recognition for the winner as the best senior Scrabble player in town.

Each match will consist of two games, with total points being the tie-breaker if each player wins one game. Brackets will be set up so that the winners will know their next opponent as they advance. We will draw names to create the initial pairings.

The matches will be held on Thursdays at 2 p.m. beginning on May 10. The deadline for signups is May 1. Call the senior center at 978-425-1390 or stop by to sign up.