PEPPERELL — Pepperell police units were dispatched to a robbery in progress around 6:50 p.m. Monday evening.

Sgt. Nick Parker and Officers Jared Carruba and Stephen Mulkerin responded to the Pepperell Family Pharmacy at 74 Main St. Descriptions of a suspect threatening pharmacy staff with a hammer were relayed to the officers by Dispatcher Jeff Cormier.

According to Police Chief David Scott, witnesses in the pharmacy and nearby area advised Officer Carruba that the lone suspect fled on foot and he was checking the area when he spotted the subject running and proceeded to pursue.

“Officer Carrubba was smart getting out of his cruiser and speaking with people in the area while the other officers checked the area in their cruisers,” Scott said. “Those of us who know Officer Carrubba know he had no problem keeping pace with the suspect on foot.”

Scott said Carrubba has been involved “in some high profile cases and always does a great job.”

Suspect Bryan Thorpe, 27, of 428 Main St. in Townsend, was apprehended after the short foot chase. He was charged with a subsequent offense of armed and masked robbery, larceny from a building, threat to commit a crime, larceny of a drug and assault to rob while armed.

Thorpe was in possession of a large amount of prescription drugs that were reportedly taken from the pharmacy in the robbery, according to police. Scott said there were no injuries to anyone at the pharmacy.

“This is the second time in the past year and a half that this pharmacy has been robbed, and both times our officers apprehended the suspect a short distance from the store with no injuries involved,” Scott said.

On Oct. 14, 2010 Pepperell police busted a 28 year old Charleston man attempting to rob the pharmacy at knifepoint. There were no injuries in that event either.

Although he does not think this is a weather-related crime, Scott said his force does tend to be busier during the warmer months.

Phone calls to Tracie Ezzio, owner and operator of Pepperell Family Pharmacy, were not returned before deadline.

Thorpe was held overnight and was scheduled to be arraigned at Ayer District Court this week.