Freedom vs. Fire

Freedom players had a great first game with Sydney Van Gilder and Dominic Hall making some strong defensive plays. Alexis Howe, Daniel Hunter and Lily Boccelli all showed good ball control, alongside some excellent passing by Anna Leao, Anthony Plourde, Emma Boccelli, Isabelle Field and Thomas Ploude. Howe, Lily Boccelli, Leao, Anthony Plourde and Noah Bagley demonstrated passing accuracy, earning assists. Bagley, Field, Hall, Hunter and Van Gilder all scored goals as the Freedom displayed good teamwork.


Wizards vs. Renegades

The Wizards started the season getting multiple goals from Christian Price, Annie McNabb, Lucas Bala, Emma Murphy, while Kenji Lordan added more scoring. Sydney Stevens, Darian Tzanaodakis and Noah Picariello showed off great passing skills while P.J. McNabb and Maggie Grise played strong defense. Riley Goldthwaite and Emily Waite showed a powerful skill set, dribbling and control of the ball on the field.

The Renegades really showed off their skills with Lukian Yamanishi, Katie Semeraro, Madison Martin, Joseph Marriott, Caroline Drahusz and Patrick Diette all scoring goals. Great assists were made by Kate Oskirko and June Denk-Cole. Conor Featherstone, Mallory Graves, Landon Martin and Jackson Wright did a fantastic job staying in the action and supporting their teammates.

Cougars vs. Crusaders

It was a terrific first week performance by the Cougars. They showed outstanding teamwork, hustle and defensive intensity. Ava Borecki, Ben Mendes, Devon Proctor and Brady Speidel all scored goals. All players showed tremendous dribbling ability and great passing. The team had no subs and their energy level was impressive.