Annual Town Elections will be held next Monday in Ayer, Pepperell and Townsend. While there aren’t many contested races, there are a few.

In Ayer, incumbent selectman Gary Luca, Mark Coulter and Chris Hillman are running for two open seats on the board. Sitting selectman Carolyn McCreary has decided against another term.

Our picks are Luca and Coulter. Both are well schooled in politics and have a variety of life experiences upon which to draw. We find as naive views expressed by the third candidate that Ayer should kiss and make up with a significant polluter and that there is no crime in Ayer. Some seasoning is needed by this good-intentioned candidate.

For Planning Board, we support Dave Bodurtha, seeing him as more forward-thinking than his opponent.

We’d like to see Mary Spinner stay on Board of Health. Her opponent simply does not possess the breadth of knowledge that Mary does.

In Townsend, there is a three-way race for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.

Our pick is Jim LeCuyer. LeCuyer has sat on the Board of Health for five years and has a good working knowledge of town government. He also knows how to follow rules and regulations. We hope to see more respect, less micro-managing and a better working relationship with all town departments.

Being a town official in any town can be a heady position. But though the seat brings authority, the holder is still a public servant. Respect for all people, including any with whom you might politically disagree, is required.