At the League of Women Voters debate, the candidates for selectman discussed the impact of the proposed municipal buildings projects on the town’s future tax rates. This is where the projections of the Capital Committee show the town will be in five years:

* If we have no new overrides or excluded debt, the tax levy will be about 13.8 percent higher than it is now. This is less than 2.5 percent per year allowed by state law because our payments on earlier capital projects like the Bromfield School and the library are decreasing.

* If we approve all the projects currently projected for the next five years, the total tax levy will increase by and additional 7.8 percent for a total of 21.6 percent.

* If we approve the CPA surtax increase from 1.1 percent to 3 percent, the total increase in the levy would be about 23.5 percent.

Of course, if operating overrides are required, the tax increases will be higher.

I am not advocating for or against any particular projects. There are a number of capital projects anticipated, with a wide range of cost, and I strongly believe some of them need to be done. My hope is that this information will help people set their own priorities.