AYER — Quick action helped avert what could have been a worse situation at the Bubble-It Laundromat on Park Street in Ayer on Thursday April 12. Firefighters responded and doused two gas-powered dryers with water at about 8:25 p.m.

“Fire was showing from two dryers,” said Ayer Fire Department Lt. Timothy Shea. “There was fire on the bottom dryer which extended into the other.”

It seems the dryer was in use at the time of the fire. The gentleman customer had started the dryer and then stepped out of the laundromat momentarily. “He came back after the fire was extinguished to find out it was his dryer,” said Shea.

After the flames were extinguished and the building could be ventilated, other customers were permitted back into the laundromat to retrieve their belongings that were in various states of wash. There were no injuries.

There was no need to shut of electricity to the laundromat. Gas was shut off only to the dryer combination unit involved in the blaze. Had the fire been left to accelerate further, Shea noted that there could have been a different outcome. The building is served by natural gas and does not have a sprinkler system.

On Saturday April 14, the Ayer Fire Department was dispatched to 62 Central Ave. to extinguish a permitted brush fire that grew out of hand. Shea said some 1.5 acres burned there. The Shirley Fire Department provided station coverage Saturday while that fire was brought under control.

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