The Mental Health Working Group of First Parish Church of Groton presents, “Dangerously High,” a one-woman show by Kitty McKay. This show brings a message of hope for people with mental illness and their friends and families. It highlights Kitty McKay’s personal experience with mania and its repercussions. The show provides a message to help break the stigma for those people who want further education about mental illness. It is also a dramatic presentation for those who simply love theatre.

McKay presents her struggles with bipolar disorder and the strength of her recovery in dramatic form. She discusses her natural highs as a fun-loving child with many friends, a confident teenager who was surprised to be chosen queen of the prom, and not surprised to earn the title of valedictorian. She was a cum laude college student happy to be away from home and later a compassionate teacher who enjoyed the drama, humor, and learning in the classroom. She tells about being a mother with two fantastic daughters.

She next discloses the crashes in her life as she found herself “dangerously high” and suffered the resultant losses — personal, professional, and financial.

Finally, she tells of her gratitude in 1995 when her recovery began in earnest and she returned to being “naturally high.” Through it all, McKay’s spirit shines through, as she tells her story of transcendence and triumph

The show will be performed in the vestry of the church on Saturday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.). The church is located at the junction of routes 119 and 40 in Groton Center.

Visit the church website,, for more detailed directions. Admission is free thanks to a generous grant from the First Parish Church Endowment Fund. Refreshments will be served.

For more information about Kitty McKay, see her website: