HARVARD — Now’s not the time, decided Sharon Cronin on Sunday night. Beset with newspaper questionnaires for Harvard School Committee candidates, Cronin said she decided that she would not seek office.

In her letter to the editor, Cronin thanked her campaign supporters but also announced that she will not accept one of two available seats on the committee if she is inadvertently still elected during the May 1 town election.

School Committee member Piali De is not seeking re-election. School Committee Patty Wenger is a candidate for re-election. With Cronin’s withdrawal, it would appear certain that candidate Bob Sullebarger and Wenger will win the two available seats.

Cronin said on Tuesday that she was still focused on the recovery of her husband, Chuck Cronin, who six weeks ago was in an accident that resulted in loss of vision in one eye. “We’re still in the midst of that,” said Cronin. She said her campaign launched slowly as a result.

“I kept wondering ‘Is this the right time or not the right time?'” said Cronin. With two other candidates ready, willing and able to serve, Cronin said she felt better about withdrawing from the race because she would not “be leaving anyone high and dry. I just had to decide before it went any further.”

“I’ve received a zillion phone calls of disappointment today,” said Cronin. “There’ll be another time that’s better for me and my family.”

Cronin was campaigning with her husband at the transfer station on Saturday. “I had a lot of fun.”

The couple has a seventh-grade son, Tristan, and a ninth-grade daughter, Alexandra, both of whom are students at the Bromfield School.

Cronin said she’ll remain involved in the background on school issues. “I still want to be a part of this conversation.”

Cronin says she foresees a run for the committee in the future.

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