Bailey’s Grille finds second home at Townsend Ridge


TOWNSEND — Golfers at Townsend Ridge County Club will have a fresh 19th hole this season. The people from Bailey’s Bar and Grille were chosen to manage the food and beverage service at the public golf course.

“For summer we’re focusing on the needs of the golfer,” Pam Mariano, who owns Bailey’s with her husband Albert, said.

“We’re really excited about it, I have to tell you,” she said while setting up the restaurant for an April 28 opening.

The hours and menus at Townsend Ridge will be structured around the club’s needs.

Food service hours will depend on golf hours.

“That’s the important piece,” she said. If tee times start at 6 a.m., the golfers need breakfast.

The menu will be simple. Based on a survey of what the golfers want, Mariano thinks club sandwiches, paninis, salads, burgers and hot dogs will be staples.

The restaurant will be open to the public, but will not have the same hours or menu as the Bailey’s at the Harbor Mall.

The country club will give the Marianos something they have wanted for nearly three years, since just after they opened Bailey’s.

“When we opened, just about six months into it, we wished we had a function room,” she said. The restaurant can accommodate private parties of up to 30, but she was getting calls for larger groups. “It would make our business complete,” she said.

The country club has a popular function room, and the Marianos will run it.

During the summer they will concentrate on the golf tournaments held at the facility, she said. They will provide a service the club needs and learn how to best run the room.

“Basically, I want to do it in stages. After the golf season ends, the sky’s the limit,” Mariano said.

“Owning Bailey’s over the past couple of years, we’ve heard a lot of needs. I really listen to what people like,” she said.

People said they would like Sunday brunch. That and weddings and showers and birthdays parties are all possibilities at the country club when golf season ends.

“Having the function hall allows so much, oh my gosh,” Mariano said.

The Marianos are also aware of the impact of the restaurant on the community. The couple helps with community fundraisers and makes donations to local charities.

They also employ 55 people at the restaurant and an additional 12 were hired for the country club.

Mariano pointed out that the economic impact goes even further. There are “salespeople, cleaners, linen people, deliverymen and people I advertise with,” she said.

The Marianos have lived in Townsend for 11 years. Bailey’s was their first venture in being restaurateurs.

“We’re in a good place, moving in the right direction all the time,” she said.