I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the citizens of Ayer who have supported my efforts when representing your interests the last six years. The challenge has been both rewarding and challenging, especially the last year.

When you first elected me in 2006, you took a chance that I would represent the people of Ayer in a way that you expected and that I always expect of myself. I learned much since that first term and we accomplished more than I even realized but there is still much to do. I understand from my position as a postmaster in the United States Postal Service that much can be accomplished by thinking out of the box, holding employees accountable and providing the necessary tools that will lead to an environment more conducive to success. This management style has led to three successive years of lower budgets, decreased expenses, decreased overtime and increased revenue and productivities, which can be successfully satisfied by paying attention to detail and having a sense of urgency.

Whether it has been requesting an audit from the Department of Revenue within the first six months of my first term, or asking for the formation of a town government study committee, to becoming a stakeholder in Nashoba Valley Technical School, I have always had a propensity to find ways to reduce costs and improve on efficiencies that are necessary to help operating the business known as the town of Ayer.

We have saved thousands of dollars by implementing some of the suggestions from that Department of Revenue Audit. Most notably was requiring retirees to enroll in Medicare Part B and requiring quarterly tax payments instead of twice a year. These two recommendations enabled us to save on retiree health benefits and save with respect to our ability to conduct business without borrowing funds.

I have been involved with the negotiations to reduce the town’s share of health-care costs, to represent a fairer more equitable split with the employees who have cooperated with a mutual understanding that this is in everyone’s best interest for a viable future of Ayer to control costs. I have been part of negotiating two high-profile litigations that cost the town pennies on the dollar when millions of dollars was the expected outlay. The process of reducing costs continued this past year with health insurance savings both for the town and their employees of more than $200,000.

We have hired two new department heads who understand the challenges we face and are willing to work to ensure we succeed as a whole. I will continue to find savings and keep taxes as affordable as possible by continuing to reduce expenses. I will continue to work towards a working relationship with the railroads to co-exist and find answers that are mutually advantageous. Although there is development near our aquifer, they have been willing to work with us and not against to ensure the continued production of a clean and reliable water supply.

I will continue to represent the elderly with their diminished voices and the veterans who bravely have defended us. I will continue to encourage an open transparent government that hides nothing from its citizens. I will continue to protect our environment and encourage the purchase of open space for our greater benefit and continue supporting the protection of our historic assets.

I will continue to support our business community as a vehicle to greater prosperity in Ayer and the region.

With the many challenges that we face in the coming years, I feel that I am a candidate that can provide the leadership necessary and provide the citizens of Ayer a sounding board in reference to their concerns. Going forward, I will help lead in providing the town of Ayer with all the tools available to sustain us in these uncertain times. I will promise to continue to lead the same as I have the last six years only with more determination and that the taxpayer of Ayer is represented fully and respected for their opinions.

If you have the same beliefs as I and have been encouraged by my leadership and determination the last six years, than please support me with a vote on Monday, April 23, at Ayer Town Hall.