On April 23, 2012, I will vote for David Bodurtha to fill the open seat on the Ayer Planning Board. Here are three reasons why.

David is smart. He understands the complicated mix of local, state and federal laws which dictate not only how the town of Ayer must plan, but also how it must operate. He has attended nearly every Planning Board meeting since I was elected a year ago, so he knows the complicated issues facing the board. Further, as a member of the Map Committee, he knows better than anyone else how to get the board out of the confusing mess of clarifying which is the official zoning map of the town of Ayer.

David is fair. He understands that everyone at the Planning Board meetings must be treated fairly in accordance with the law. State laws such as the Open Meeting Law, the Public Records Law and the Conflict of Interest Law must be followed in order to make sure the Planning Board serves the residents of the town of Ayer properly. As a member of the Ayer Planning Board, David will obey these laws.

David is tough. He understands that not all interests in Planning Board matters are selfless. When David Bodurtha witnesses someone doing something that it is not in the best interests of the residents of the town of Ayer, he doesn’t sit quietly by and let the wrong continue. He complains loudly. He doesn’t rest until the wrong is righted. And this is what he will do as a member of the Ayer Planning Board.

For these three reasons and many more, I will vote for David Bodurtha as the newest member of the Ayer Planning Board. I hope you will vote for David, too. The election is on Monday, April 23, 2012, beginning at 7 a.m., at Town Hall. Please make your vote count!