Coyotes sighted

A Myrick Lane resident reported a neighbor’s dog barking on Tuesday afternoon, March 20, stating that it was “unusual.” Police checked and spotted some coyotes in the area.


A Still River Road resident reported Tuesday afternoon that property was stolen from a shed on his property, including a lawn mower, chain saw and other outdoor equipment. The theft is under investigation. “We have a suspect,” Detective Gregory Newman said.

Fire Department calls

Later on Tuesday, a Brown Road resident reported the smell of propane gas in the basement. The family evacuated the home and contacted the heating company.

On Friday night, March 23, police and firefighters responded to a call about suspicious activity and a fire on Littleton County Road at Trailridge Way. They found a man and woman parked on the dirt road in a station wagon, both residents of the condo complex. The couple had a campfire going, Detective Newman said. The Fire Department put it out.

Big brush fire

A major brush fire that was headed for a structure was extinguished on Prospect Hill Road Monday afternoon, March 26 without damaging the building.

It reached a utility pole, however, with live wires down. National Grid was notified.

Ayer, Boxborough, Littleton, Bolton, Lancaster and Devens Fire Departments provided mutual aid with firefighters, trucks and station coverage. An ambulance stood by to assist firefighters.

Suspicious activity

Police investigating a parked, occupied motor vehicle in Dunkin Donuts’ parking lot Tuesday night discovered that the registration had been suspended and charged the operator with that offense. Boxborough Police provided back up. The vehicle was towed.

Very early on Wednesday morning, March 21, the manager of Dunkin Donuts on Ayer Road reported two young men with BMX bicycles in the parking lot. It was 4:18 a.m. One of them appeared to be asleep and the other was peering in the door, Detective Gregory Newman said.

Police spoke to the bicyclists, one of whom came from Bolton. The other may have been a resident of nearby Harvard Ridge, Newman said. “Nothing was going on.” Apparently, they were waiting for the restaurant to open.

A woman who had been jogging in the Slough and Stow Road area reported Thursday afternoon, March 22, that the same car passed her several times and she thought it was suspicious. But it turned out to be a Verizon vehicle, Detective Gregory Newman said.

Friday night, a Craggs Road resident reported a couple of trucks parked in a neighbor’s driveway but no lights on in the house. A few minutes later, the resident called back. The lights were on now and it was apparent those were the owner’s vehicles, Detective Newman said.

On Saturday, March 24, a White Lane resident reported a suspicious solicitor at the door. Purportedly, he was scouting jobs for a painting company, but he had no permit and was likely up to no good.

The man is known to police as a suspected drug dealer, said Detective Newman, who opined that a potential house break had been thwarted.

Also on Saturday, the manager at the general store on Still River Road told police that four men were loitering outside the store, smoking. The concern was that they might be some of the culprits who had previously upended picnic tables and might do so again, Detective Newman said. They were asked to leave.

A Brown Road resident called police on a windy Monday night after finding her back door ajar. She had been working in the basement and was worried someone might be in the house. Officers checked the home and found it was secure.

Family matter

A Devens resident called police Saturday night because his 16-year-old daughter, who was staying at a Jacob Gates home with a friend, had refused to come home. Officers spoke to the parties involved, Detective Newman said, but it was a family matter.


The iconic Smoky the Bear sign on Ayer Road was vandalized with spray paint last weekend but he’s been spruced up and looks fine now. The same culprits likely spray- painted the road in front of a West Bare Hill Road residence Monday morning. Detective Newman said. They left tell-tale tracks, using the same color paint and similar “symbols,” he said. “We have suspects.”

Motor vehicle accidents

A two-car collision occurred on the Route 2 overpass on Ayer Road (Route 110/111) Wednesday morning when one vehicle pulled out in front of another. The state-owned bridge is under construction, with a slalom course of orange cones set up to redirect traffic. Apparently, the woman was headed for the highway ramp when she changed her mind and tried to switch lanes, causing an oncoming vehicle to sideswipe hers.

The driver and her passenger were transported by ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center. She was cited for failure to use caution and the vehicle was towed.

The second vehicle was operable, with no injuries to occupants. The driver was not cited.

A two-car collision occurred on Ayer Road Thursday afternoon. One vehicle had slowed to turn in at the Appleworks building when another vehicle traveling in the same direction hit it from behind.

The driver of the first vehicle was taken by ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center. The vehicle was towed. The driver of the second vehicle, which rear-ended the first, was cited for following too close.

On Friday morning, March 23, another two-vehicle crash occurred in front of The Bromfield School on Mass Avenue. The first vehicle was turning in to the school when the second vehicle hit it from behind. The first vehicle was towed. The second was not. Nobody was injured and no citations were issued.

Bus stop

When a school bus has its Stop sign out, the law states that vehicles approaching in either direction must stop. But a Glenview Drive resident reported a driver who ignored it. The caller had taken down the license number of the car and police spoke to the driver, Detective Gregory Newman said.

Medical call

A runner on Bolton Road called E-911 Friday morning with an urgent need for a toilet. The ambulance call was cut short because neither medical attention nor transport to a hospital was required. But the runner got a ride to Bromfield to use the bathroom.

During an event at the Unitarian Church on Elm Street Saturday afternoon, a resident called police to complain about the placement of signs and cones that were put up to direct parking to one side of the narrow street. Previously, the resident complained to the selectmen that the church should do something about parking in the area during events.