PEPPERELL — Tracie Ezzio, owner of Pepperell Family Pharmacy, Jeff Cook from Sites and Signs and Pam Mariano, co-owner of Baileys Bar & Grill, have been nominated for the position of grand marshal for the Fourth of July parade.

According to Pepperell Fourth of July Committee President Carol Gates, all three nominees are important parts of our community and contribute so much to Pepperell and surrounding communities throughout the year.

“Each year we try to look at community members. These three exemplify that; they aren’t just business owners,” she said.

Gates said in the past, grand marshals such as Tony Saboliauskas, Bill Gikas and John McNabb were all people who do unbelievable things for Pepperell.

Main Street’s Pepperell Family Pharmacy has been serving Pepperell and beyond since 2007. Ezzio, has over 30 years of pharmacy experience.

“I am very honored about being nominated, I certainly support all that happens and all that goes on in Pepperell around the Fourth of July,” Ezzio said.

Pepperell Fourth of July Committee selected Ezzio because she goes above and beyond for the people of town, especially seniors, using her knowledge of medicine without hesitation, according to gates.

Jeff Cook founded his graphic design company in 2005 and moved to Lomar Park in 2009. That year, he admitted moving to a less visible location would hurt business, but allow for expansion.

“I think we’re established enough locally,” he was quoted as saying.

Sites and Signs, Cook explained, is a one-stop shop for anything you can put your logo on. Their work can be seen on many banners that have hung on Main Street and the businesses below them. Among his other work is the Pepperell Army Community Covenant’s Military Honor Roll.

“I don’t know how he makes any money giving all that stuff away,” Gates said. “Stuff he does on his own time, like maintaining the honor roll at no charge, is incredible, whatever he can do, he does.”

Bailey’s Bar and Grille, across from North Middlsex Regional High School in Townsend, is co-owned by Mariano and her husband, Albert. Through the restaurant, the Marianos give back to the community by donating meals, discounting dinners for veterans and seniors and holding charitable events.

“I am very humbled and honored, I feel I am not deserving of it,” Pam said of her nomination.

Mariano has attended the Fourth’s festivities every year and Bailey’s entered a float last year. She also helps push fundraising efforts for the Pepperell Fourth of July Committee. Gates said Mariano was an obvious choice because of her involvement with Mommies Mobile Meals, a charity network that provides meals to needy families.

“Pam stops at nothing when she knows there is a need,” Gates said.

Voting will take place at several locations throughout Pepperell this year. Gates says she is looking to put ballot boxes at McNabbs and Donelans and elsewhere in the near future. Last year, when the voting was done over Facebook and email, she said the turnout was unmanageable.

“People do great things every single day, and we picked these three because they are good at doing great things,” Gates said.