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PEPPERELL — The Board of Selectmen denied a special permit for a dog day-care facility at 80 South Road.

Resident Maureen Allen had applied for the permit in order to open a facility to house up to 45 dogs. The granting had been the subject of two public hearings, in which residents of both South Road and the adjoining nerghborhood Powhatan Road spoke for and against the proposal.

Two selectmen voted in favor of the denial and one against. They assessed the proposed project on the grounds of neighborhood character, traffic flow and the town’s social, economic and community needs based on evidence that was provided for them during the two public hearings.

Both Allen and residents along South and Powhatan rads who sought selectmen’s denial of the permit presented divergent information; most imporantly two conflicting sound engineering studies and two conflicting property appraisals.

Selectmen Chairman Michael Green felt the new business would not cause substantial detriment in terms of sound because there are already dogs on Powhatan Road and the area abuts 119. Both Selectmen Steven Themelis and Joseph Sergi said they felt there would be substantial detriment to the neighborhood.

Sergi also cited the ‘potential detriment’ on propety values.

“There is a possible fiscal impact, and with our structural deficit, we cannot do anything that will further degrade the tax base for the town of Pepperell,” he explained.

At the end of their discussion, Green made a motion to accept the permit, which was not seconded. Sergi then made a motion to deny, which was seconded by Themelis and approved in a 2-1 vote.

In other business, Gary Giguere and Robert Lambert have been selected for the Town Report Dedication. Giguere is a former selectman, employee of Pepperell Paper Company and member of the Fre and Police departments. Lambert has made an impact thanks to his construction company and term as Health Inspector.

“Both are great candidates, dedicating them speaks highly of our great town,” Sergi said.

Marty Beck and Joseph Czarnionka will be recognized on a memorial page.

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