PEPPERELL — Dale Sinclair has been hired as the town’s new systems administrator.

Sinclair began meeting the staff and the information technology systems Monday. After the previous systems administrator left in November, Town Administrator John Moak was instructed by selectmen to form a selection committee, which pared 17 applicants down to six and conducted interviews over the last several months, Moak says.

“After only three days on the job, the work environment is terrific,” Sinclair said, adding that it has been an “unalloyed pleasure” getting to know them.

As systems administrator, Sinclair says he will not only be handling day-to-day concerns of the various departments, but also working to implement new systems that will “contibute to the town’s use of its systems technology and improve the ability to deliver services.”

“Part of that is to help the town of Pepperell in a cost effective manner,” Sinclair said.

At the last Town Meeting, $20,000 was allotted for fixing the switch and wiring problems in Town Hall. Given the patchwork of software departments use, the system is uncooperative and inefficient.

“We have systems that don’t talk to each other well, and that is something that has to happen,” said Moak. “We need more effectiveness, speed and communication between these machines.”

Outgoing Systems Administrator Joe Traverso had begun the process of aligning that technology under a more efficient system, and Sinclair said he has been reviewing that research.

“Computer systems grow organically,” Sinclair explained. “One needs to do cutting and pruning, trimming back of undergrowth carefully. However, if an idea is worth doing, it should be evident to everyone involved.”

He was previously a computer scientist and systems engineer at Hanscom Air Force Base. Sinclair said he designed, deployed and maintained data-processing systems, the largest of which was a multiuser data center that re-arranged fragmented systems from various working groups by making small cuts.

“I am looking forward to making the project happen in Pepperell and I want to make sure I can create a foundation for future enhancements,” Sinclair said.

The selection committee was made up of two representatives from the information systems technology committee, Communications Director Frank Quattroch and DPW Director Ken Kalinowski, and Moak presented Sinclair to the Board of Selectmen last Wednesday. Bob Scott of 1A Auto also sat on the committee as a resource person, Moak said.

“Our final candidates were all either from Pepperell or Townsend. We got a lot of good talent from the local area,” Moak said.