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HARVARD — As promised a couple of weeks ago, resident Stuart Sklar returned to the selectmen Tuesday night with results of a petition posted online.

In view of ongoing plans to renovate Town Hall and Hildreth House, the petition called for a Town Hall renovation plan that is true to the spirit and content of the Municipal Building Committee warrant article caught in controversy last year.

That is, a Town Hall renovation plan that incorporates expanded public use of the second floor, with social gatherings and dances.

The petition focused on the civic and common space piece of the article, Sklar said. And it clearly struck a chord. “I’m overwhelmed with the results,” he said.

There are 290 names on the petition, including 288 current town residents and two former residents. “This is a pretty diverse group,” he said. “They said what they want.”

For that reason, the petition is “better than a survey,” and he thinks folks will continue to sign on until he takes the posting down. “I’d like to come back with more,” he said.

Sklar read some of the posted comments the petition generated. “I certainly hope we can restore the second floor of town hall” as it was originally built, said one petitioner. Another sent a plea. “Please give the space back to all of us!”

The issue will be discussed again – this time also in terms of dollars and cents, presumably – at a joint meeting of selectmen, MBC and Finance Committee next week.

Hosted by the selectmen, the meeting will be at Volunteers Hall at the library on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 7 p.m.

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