HARVARD — It’s not official yet, but a tentative date of Wednesday, March 28, has been set for Super Town Meetings in Ayer, Harvard and Shirley.

First though, a couple more public hearings will be held, affording another chance for residents to find out about the issue they will be asked to vote on.

At the Super Town Meeting, held simultaneously in the three towns, voters will be asked to consider a rezoning plan to allow residential redevelopment of Devens’ Vicksburg Square, an enclave of brick buildings located in the historic heart of the former military base.

At their meeting Tuesday night, selectmen talked about the importance of the pending decision and its potential impact on the town of Harvard. And yet, they said, many residents may not be informed about the issue or be aware that the upcoming Super Town Meeting isn’t just another Special Town Meeting.

Trinity Financial, MassDevelopment’s developer of choice, plans to renovate the old buildings, which have been empty and deteriorating for years, to create more than 200 rental units, a substantial number of which will be designated affordable housing.

At this point, the proponents have provided selectmen with “language” for the warrant article, but that, too, is subject to change. The wording of the article will be finalized after the last in a series of public hearings is held in Harvard on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

It is the second such hearing in town and follows a repeat hearing in Ayer. Shirley has not scheduled a hearing and town officials have said they don’t plan to do so.

A specific number of hearings were required as part of the Vicksburg Square rezoning bid, and by most accounts, the two upcoming sessions in Ayer and Harvard will satisfy the rule. But this time, in Harvard at least, the agenda will be different.

Selectman Timothy Clark said the aim is to cover town-specific ground and explore pros and cons of the proposal instead of re-enacting presentations Trinity has made before. “Interested groups” such as the Devens Economic Advisory Team (DEAT) should have a chance to speak, he said. “We don’t want another Trinity dog-and-pony show.”

Residents are encouraged to attend the Feb. 21 hearing, which will be held during a regularly scheduled selectmen’s meeting. It will be the last chance people will have before the Super Town Meeting to learn about the project proposal firsthand, ask questions and air their views, the selectmen said.