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AYER/GROTON — Ayer Water Department Assistant Foreman Paul Curtin is headed to greener pastures in West Groton. That news came Wednesday from Ayer DPW Superintendent Daniel Nason. Curtin’s last day on the job in Ayer was Friday, Feb. 3.

Curtin leaves to become the assistant to West Groton Water Supply District General Manager Gordon Newell.

“Paul is a critical member of our DPW team” said Nason. “He’s been here 20 years. He knows not only the people, but he was brought up in Ayer, so he knows the geography and the water system. He’s licensed in both water and sewer operations. It’s going to be a very hard hit.”

“He knows the system like the back of his hand, knows the idiosyncrasies and he basically runs the show on digs,” said Nason. “He’s going to be sadly missed.” Curtin serves under Ayer Water Department Foreman Rick Linde.

Nason wrote a letter of recommendation for Curtin. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Paul was in their scopes. They’re being proactive in bringing him aboard.”

A call to Newell was not immediately returned Wednesday.

The West Groton Water Supply District was formed in 1911, celebrating its 100th anniversary last summer. Originally financed by local families, the system consists of two wells.

There’s the original well No. 1 on Townsend Road which is capable of pumping 550 gallons of water per minute and 750,000 gallons per day. And there’s the newer town forest well No. 2 off of West Main Street which went online in 2007 and is capable of pumping 650 gallons per minute and averages 600,000 gallons a day during peak summer usage hours.

The West Groton Water Supply District serves a total of 561 accounts, including 548 residential, five agriculture, two institutional, four commercial and two municipal accounts, according to the district’s website,

Nason himself is moving on to greener pastures. Nason has been hired as the new DPW director in Northboro. Nason’s last day on the job in Ayer is Friday, March 16.

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