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Ashby, Townsend schools should be enjoying new roofs by spring


By Katina Caraganis


Roof projects at Ashby Elementary and the Spaulding Elementary School in Townsend are on track to be completed by spring, according to Russo Barr Associates, the design firm for both projects.

The blueprint in Ashby consists of a green-repair project that will replace the school roof and windows to the tune of $1,567,632.

The budget was presented to the Board of Selectmen over the summer by Compass Project Management, the management firm for the project.

The budget and design plans were approved by the Massachusetts School Building Authority at the end of the summer, according to Jim Russo, president of Russo Barr Associates.

“The roof-replacement project for Ashby Elementary has been ongoing for the past few weeks. It’s pretty far along,” Russo said. “Substantial completion is expected to be achieved within the next week or so. There will be some final items and paperwork to finish up, but the roof portion should be wrapped up soon.”

Window replacement will begin sometime in early spring, Russo said, and all the windows are being custom made.

He said it’s easier for the contractor to begin the work once the cold weather is gone because workers will not work in inclement weather.

Russo said the Spaulding School project has taken slightly longer than expected because when voters approved the work, they opted to go with a slightly more expensive plan that called for using slate shingles.

He said the contractor needs some lead time to get all the shingles made for the project.

“There was a thought of allowing him to go ahead and begin doing some of the work in the January and February timeline but historically, it’s pretty darn cold in those months,” he said. “Everybody agreed that it didn’t make a lot of sense to have a contractor try to install products that are temperature sensitive just yet.”

Russo said the work will likely begin in March or April, but it shouldn’t skew the completion of the project significantly.

The roof project at Spaulding is expected to cost $1.3 million.

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