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By Lisa Redmond


WOBURN — With his illegal-taping trial just weeks away, former Shirley Town Administrator Kyle Keady will ask a judge tomorrow to suppress admissions he made about taping conversations in his office and toss lurid video he allegedly took in a Town Hall women’s bathroom.

Keady, 46, of Shirley is scheduled to appear for a motion-to-suppress hearing in Middlesex Superior Court. The trial is tentatively set for Jan. 30.

Keady, free on $2,500 cash bail, has pleaded not guilty to charges of wiretapping, possession of wiretap equipment, and video recording an unsuspecting nude or partially nude person.

Defense attorney Kevin Reddington will argue during tomorrow’s hearing that evidence and statements made by Keady should be kept from the jury. Reddington will argue that Keady was not properly read his Miranda rights and that police conducted an illegal search of his home.

Prosecutors say that when state police confronted Keady in his Town Hall office on June 14, 2010, at 4:50 p.m., Keady readily admitted recording people in Town Hall. He admitted to secretly taping Selectman Kendra Dumont without her knowledge, according to court documents.

It was Dumont who blew the whistle on Keady when she discovered she had been secretly recorded.

Keady admitted to police he made “numerous” audio recordings in the past, but he told police he didn’t know it was illegal, according to court documents. He told police he did it for his own “education” to protect himself.

As investigators searched Keady’s office, they found a baby monitor that had been concealed in a ceiling of Town Accountant Bobbi Jo Coburn’s office. An extension cord, hidden behind maps, plugged into the town administrator’s office, according to court documents.

While Keady was outside Town Hall during the search, Reddington said it was more than an hour later when police, without again reading him his rights, asked about the baby monitor.

Investigators would later search Keady’s house with his written consent, finding a cache of material.

Police also found evidence that Keady was secretly photographing women in the ladies’ room at Town Hall using pens equipped with cameras. Police found a pen hidden in a vent above a bathroom stall in the second-floor ladies room.

Keady would have to sneak into the ladies’ bathroom to put fresh batteries in the pen, according to prosecutors.

Keady also allegedly broke into a town official’s home to photograph her undergarments. He also allegedly used photo-editing software to merge photos of her with pictures of nude bodies, according to prosecutors.