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Friday, Dec. 2

A.M. 1:07 Groton and Tarbell Streets, motor vehicle complaint; 9:24 Mason Street, ambulance; 9:48 Tucker Street, ambulance; 10:14 Lowell Road and Jersey Street, traffic control; 11:23 Hollis Street and Nashua Road, motor vehicle stop;

P.M. 12:40 River Road, larceny; 1:41 Groton and Lowell Streets, traffic control; 2:12 Jewett Street and Edgewood Drive, wires down; 2:23 Main Street, lockout; 2:32 Chace Avenue, traffic control; 4:16 Maple Street, larceny; 4:49 Oakland Road, larceny; 5:45 Herget Drive; larceny; 6:16 Main Street, traffic control; 6:20 Main Street, citizen assistance; 8:03 Shirley Street, summons served; 9:09 South Road, traffic control; 9:10 Main Street, citizen assistance; 10:05 Nova Drive, ambulance.

Saturday, Dec. 3

A.M. 9:25 Main Street, brush fire; 9:27 South Road, complaint; 10:35 Groton Street, larceny; 10:44 Townsend Street, complaint;

P.M. 12:08 Main Street, restraining order served; 1:06 DPE call-out; 1:17 Wheeler Street, motor vehicle complaint; 3:11 Main Street, past assault; 4:11 Lowell Road, traffic control; 4:18 Main Street, larceny; 7:08 Nashua Road, structure fire; 7:40 Nashua Road, warrant served; 9:30 Main Street, ambulance; 11:03 Powhattan Road, citizen assistance.

Sunday, Dec. 4

A.M. 7:03 River Road, ambulance; 7:47 Mason Street, ambulance; 8:26 Main Street, citizen assistance; 10:03 Brookline Street, robbery; 2:25 Main Street, citizen assistance; 4:24W West Street, burglar alarm; 4:55 Main Street, motor vehicle stop; 5:55 River Road, ambulance; 6:13 Tucker Park, lockout; 6:59 South Road, motor vehicle complaint; 7:02 Tarbell Street, domestic disturbance; 8:58 Nashua Road, vandalism; 9:37 Groton Street, traffic control.

Monday, Dec. 5

A.M. 4:58 Brookline Street, traffic control; 6:51 Chapel Place, lost and found property; 7:46 Main Street, motor vehicle accident; 8:18 Hollis Street, traffic control; 8:47 Tucker Avenue, lockout;

P.M. 12:02 Tarbell Street, welfare check; 2:15 Main Street, citizen assistance; 2:31 Hollis Street, traffic control; 2:38 Main Street, ambulance; 4:17 Groton Street, traffic control; 4:37 Townsend and Jewett Streets, traffic control; 4:48 Brookline Street, ambulance; 5:09 Townsend and Jewett Streets, traffic control; 5:25 South Road, motor vehicle accident; 9:31 Main Street, citizen assistance.

Tuesday, Dec. 6

A.M. 5:44 Lowell Road and East Street, traffic control; 11:34 Maple Street, suspicious activity; 11:57 Lowell Road, suspicious activity;

P.M. 1:31 Groton Street, serve restraining order; 2:25 Foster Street, summons served; 3:22 Main Street, NEMLEC call-out; 4:06 Heald Street, complaint; 4:41 River Road, traffic control; 5:20 Foster Street, summons served; 6:08 Main Street, stolen motor vehicle/plates; 6:46 Nashua Road, burglar alarm; 7:49 Groton Street, restraining order served; 8:31 Pleasant Street, summons served; 8:47 Groton Street, lost and found property; 8:59 Townsend Street, traffic control; 9:01 Lowell Road, traffic control; 10:03 Herget Drive, complaint; 11:50 Tucker Street, ambulance.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

A.M. 12:04 Maple Street, complaint; 6:21 Tarbell Street, traffic control; 8:48 Sartelle Street, larceny; 9:29 Main Street, lockout;

P.M. 1:15 Brookline Street, traffic control; 2:06 Nashua Road, ambulance; 4:15 Main Street, citizen assistance; 5:01 Shirley Street, lost and found property; 5:24 Scotia Drive, summons served; 5:43 Main Street, ambulance; 7:14 Groton Street, traffic control.

Thursday, Dec. 8

A.M. 12:56 Brookline Street, ambulance; 5:03 South Road, wires down; 7:45 Hollis Street, traffic control; 8:28 Hollis and Groton Streets, motor vehicle accident; 9:55 Lowell Road and Jersey Street, traffic control; 10:24 South Road and Hillside Street, traffic assistance; 10:56 Main Street, lost and found property; 11:09 Main Street, lost and found property; 11:58 Groton and Tarbell Streets, traffic assistance;

P.M. 12:10 Algonquin Road, ambulance; 1:13 Groton Street, civil standby; 4:46 Main Street, disabled motor vehicle; 6:23 Shattuck Street, burglar alarm; 7:07 Townsend Street, medical emergency; 7:44 Main Street and Independence Road, motor vehicle accident; 8:06 Brookline Street, traffic control; 8:13 Main Street, summons served; 10:27 Prospect Street, ambulance.

Arrest Log

Saturday, Dec. 3

Danielle Rapson, 33, of Nashua Road; warrant arrest.

Sunday, Dec. 4

Jason Lohanes, 40, of Gardner; warrant arrest.

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Michela Longo, 21, of Dunstable; possession of a class E substance.

Vanessa McInnich, 26, of Nashua, N.H.; possession of a class E substance.

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