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“For Ayer, it’s a win for them and it’s a win for us,” he said.

David Berry, Shirley’s chief executive officer, said although selectmen haven’t taken an official position on the proposal, he feels as though the board would support an article including Ayer in the district and that selectmen would advocate for the article at Town Meeting.

“To us, we’ve wondered why they didn’t join long ago,” he said.

Chelmsford Town Manager Paul Cohen said he anticipates that Town Meeting will support a plan that is financially beneficial to the town of Ayer and to Nashoba Tech’s other communities.

Klimkiewicz said it isn’t guaranteed that each member town will save money because of the way the Department of Secondary and Elementary School Education assesses costs for each town, which takes into account property values, median income, student growth, and enrollment in the school. But it is likely there will be slight decreases in each district town’s assessment, she said.

Klimkiewicz said there are currently about 60 students from Ayer enrolled in the school, a rate similar to Westford and Littleton.

This fiscal year, Ayer paid $13,502 in non-residential tuition per student plus transportation costs, which are not reimbursed by the state.

According to a presentation Klimkiewicz made in May to Ayer’s selectmen that is posted on Nashoba’s website, if Ayer were a member district in the fiscal 2012 budget, the town would be assessed $539,242 to send 47 students to Nashoba Tech, which also includes an assessment of Ayer taking on debt service for the latest renovations made at the school.

It is estimated that Ayer would save $125,000 in the first year by joining the district.

If the article passes, the change would not be effective until the fiscal 2014 budget, Klimkiewicz said.

“They deserve to be at the table,” Klimkiewicz said. “They’ve always been a member in our eyes.”

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