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It’s that time of year again, we are again planning Operation Cookie Drop, our 10th Annual event! We are sincerely hopeful that this will be the LAST time we have to send out items to our Hero’s serving in harms way!

We are going to try our biggest and hopefully our last needed, SO PLEASE share this with your friends

The Devens Commons, where we have been staging this for nine of the last ten years has come through again, This time we are going to be allowed to access the Junior Ballroom, so there will be ample room to stage and pack and prepare to ship. We have locked in the staging date of Saturday 03 December 2011 at 9 am at the Devens Commons Center, adjacent to the Spring Hills Marriott, We will be gratefully accepting any drop off items from 9-10 am at the Commons. And will collect items prior to that if need be. All items will then be sorted laid out and this year we will have numbers at each station detailing how many of that particular items go into the boxes.

The items we will be looking for are below this memorandum. This year it’s important to have folks and companies consider donating financially in order to help us handle some of the shipping costs. As all are aware the cost of shipping has increased our last shipment was over 2 thousand dollars. This year we are going to try our biggest ever, two 150 man US Marine Corps Units, both Massachusetts units, both in Afghanistan, both in harms way! Our total shipment will be 300 boxes! We fully expect shipping to be approximately close to 3 thousand dollars!!!!

For those of you associated with schools, among the biggest hits was cards from the children, our last unit gathered all the cards up and passed them around and then voted on the best card, feedback we received was this absolutely made the day for the recipients of these packages. Could you folks within the school please advise our new Superintendent of this event and see if he can gather interest within the educational community!

Additionally we are going to have homemade cookies, the trademark of this event, we will need to generate at least 300 dozen cookies enough for at least one dozen per recipient.

We have identified Shirley Cares, a group completely dedicated to our truly needed in Shirley to receive any items we have extra or cannot ship due to new limitations

We sincerely hope to have all of last years folks involved this year, times are indeed not the best in this area, but are much worse for Americas hero’s serving our country overseas and for the less fortunate here, based on the current economic conditions.

The units are Company B and Company C 1st Bn, 25th Marines

More to follow

Thanks in Advance

Bryan Dumont

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