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By Robert Mills


WOBURN — A 42-year-old Townsend man was convicted this week of a series of felony charges in connection with the verbal, emotional and physical abuse of his wife over the course of several years, prosecutors said.

Kevin Hamel was convicted of assault, kidnapping, stalking, intimidation of a witness, violation of a restraining order, three counts of possession of firearms and ammunition without a Firearms Identification card, and two counts of assault and battery.

He was found not guilty of assault with intent to rape and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

He will be sentenced in Middlesex Superior Court on Dec. 5, according to Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone.

Leone said in a prepared statement that Hamel “isolated the victim from her family and friends,” by keeping her locked in their Townsend home.

“This defendant has now been convicted of violently exercising power and control over the victim, by assaulting her over a span of years, often in front of a young child,” Leone said.

Hamel was arrested by Townsend police Feb. 5, after officers helped the woman and child escape the Townsend home where she lived with Hamel. Police found a rifle, shotgun and ammunition on the property.

Leone said Hamel became more “volatile” over time, taking away the victim’s cellphone and preventing her from having contact with family, friends, or the police.

Prosecutor Suzanne Kontz, at Hamel’s arraignment in April, said the woman found an old cellphone and managed to contact her daughter’s godfather collect to have him help.

He met her one day while Hamel was away, and the woman passed the phone through the gate so that he could add minutes to it. He brought it back, and she hid it in case of an emergency.

Kontz said that on Feb. 4, Hamel dragged the victim into the kitchen of their Townsend home by her hair, and then punched and kicked her, stopping only when their daughter walked into the room.

The next morning, the victim called Townsend police, who helped her plan her escape. Hamel was arrested later that day. He has been held without bail since his arrest.

Kontz had alleged in court documents after Hamel’s arrest that throughout the couple’s relationship, Hamel had been verbally, emotionally, physically and sexually abusive to the victim. The first incident of alleged abuse occurred in 2006, when the victim reported to Fitchburg police that her husband had assaulted and tried to rape her.

He allegedly threatened to have his wife deported, Kontz said, and the wife would not cooperate with prosecutors. The case was later dismissed.

Since then, Hamel became even more controlling, Kontz alleged.

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